Thursday, January 31, 2008

What To Write About??

Well, as amazing as it is....I can't think what to write tonight. I'm totally blank! Do I hear everyone cheering?
Hmmm, what did we do today that I can tell you about. Ohhh, I know....Lisa, you will be very pleased and thrilled to know this!! Remember the piece of advice you gave me when I got married? You were worried that you wouldn't be around to remind me of this important thing, and I'd go around looking like a fool! Well, I spotted that one hair that alway show's up every few months growing out of my chin! Gosh, where does it come from, it seems to sprout up overnight!
Everytime I see it and pluck it out, I think of how relieved you will be, that your mother doesn't have a beard.
Another surprising thing that will amaze everyone is I've given up that blue liner and mascara!! Finally!! I've been wearing it for years! Because of allergies, I can only wear two different brands and those brands have discontinued their blue! That should have been a hint to me sooner, eh?
When I ask for them, the girls in the store would look at me and my 1970's blue and sigh, and say....ohhh no, we haven't had that color for ages! Then they tell me I should be wearing brown, as the blue makes the veins in my eyes pop out!!! That did it!! I'm a brown person now!
I've jumped into another era.....called growing old gracefully.
Tomorrow, Tom and I have Doctor appointments and I'm taking another plunge to change myself. He'll sign the forms that I'm fit to get a trainer and work my rear end off at a gym! I'm pumped about going again, it's the just getting out of a nice warm bed and getting there! I'll work out and then swim laps and then do the that horrible thing that starts with a D, that every one is familiar with! YUK! By the I write this, I'm eating chocolate covered almonds!! But, I've got until Monday! Ya just can't start a diet any other day of the week....right???
Maybe I'll get Tom back swimming laps too. He's such a good swimmer, while I plod along like an old horse with my head held up above the water. I just can't put my face in! But boy, can I float like a boat!! As someone once said to me, that I'd have been such an asset if I'd been on the Titanic. Everyone would just have to hang on to me!! Think of the lives I could have saved!
Enough of moaning about me, let's get more cheerful! Our snow is gone!! Take that Lisa!!! Tom and I went to Tim Horton's for lunch today! Mmmmm, love that coffee!! Then to the Spa place that sold me the makeup....$35.00 for a damn liner stick and a mascara....robbery! Then to buy ONLY eggs, but ended up with three bags of other stuff!! Then home to make a meatloaf, that turned out delicious. Made it with that instant stuffing mix for chicken and for once it all stuck together when I sliced it. It will make sandwiches tomorrow!!
Well, this is entirely just to boring to write and I know everyone must be yawning and my counter won't be moving if I soon don't come up with more interesting material! I'll work on it!!!
Until then...I'm going to try and get interested in a new book.

Picture of the day: I've always loved this picture of my grandsons Matt and Brad, sleeping in the car. The next picture was taken of the same boys about two years ago.

Cute eh!!


  1. Great entry ~ you can always write Linda and you always make it funny and interesting.

    I won't recognize you with brown liner! You'll have to wear a rose in your lapel the next time we meet so I will recognize you.

    We got that bad storm today and are still under a winter storm care is completely caked in ice so I am staying home!!

    Love you!

    Auntie I

  2. "Don't it make your Brown eyes Blue?" Couldnt resist!
    I think God has a plan for ladies and facial hair, we dont have it when we are younger. However, as soon as you get to a certain age its revenge of some sorts. I personally don't have the problem, I think its my dark complexion or I cant see it yet, but certain family members do have the problem. (I do help them PLUCK those little suckers). I feel for you as well as others.
    Congrats on getting healthy. The "D" word? Nah don't ever go on a diet in your stage of life. Make it a change of eating habits. However, don't say you aren't going to eat chocolate because that will make you want it more. I stop eating after 8pm. I only drink water after as well (I also drink more water daily). Also I try to walk daily for at least a 1 hour. If its raining I walk in my house (on treadmill). I have lost 30#. I'm shooting for another 30# by August. If I make great, if I don't I'm not going to cry, but I'm not going to go back either. I stopped going to the gym because I wanted to spend my $$ on other things. I enjoy walking and seeing what is going on in our city. I can also window shop. :)
    Have a great day Linda.
    Thanks for another good reading.


  3. bloody Ell Linda11 where do you find the time to write Should do a book !!Things going great here Moved in with a lady meself,and doing very nicely..thinking of going to Phuket (pronounce it as you will !!!) soon for a hol.Went to Uk & Turkey few weeks back and had a ball !! Hope you and yours are doine exceedingly well>Tell Rox to pull her finger out and let me know how she is Take care Luv you Canucks !! Luxxie xx


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