Friday, November 10, 2017


  • Playing in the leaves, November 2017

It's been ages since I last blogged and I've been asked by a friend to help her learn what to do. I barely remember myself as my poor old brain cells decline.

This is my friend Barbara Sikorski who I walk with in the mornings and these leaves brought back memories of our childhood and we had to have a run through them and kick them around.

Barb, loves to take pictures of flowers and I have to say, she takes some beautiful pictures. So once we get her online, please go to her blog site and have a look.

One thing about getting outdoors and on our walk so early, usually by 6-6:30 am is we get to see so many beautiful things that had we stayed and relaxed in our beds we would have missed.
This picture below is the fantastic sunrise, that only lasted a few minutes before the clouds came and it was gone.

 Another shot taken further back
 The first snowfall in the mountains that I see from my dining room window. So lovely as long as the snow stays up there!!

Two eagles in the tree by our home.

Some pictures of the skyline as the sun came up for another day.

Such a beautiful walk along the seawall from Ambleside to Dundarave and back to Park Royal.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016




OMG! Tuesday's around here have to be the worst place to be if you love peace and quiet!

It was one of those nights when sleep just wouldn't come, and all those silly things in your head, just won't go away. My brain was working overtime going though the weirdest things and old memories, and what would happen earthquake...what to do, what to do?

I did fall asleep I think for about 10 minutes, and I was married to someone called Barkley, who came home one day, said he'd be back, and then I get a call from him in Kentucky, telling me he was staying there forever! Sheesh, who is Barkley and why would Kentucky come into it? So weird, but what the heck, it was only a 10 minute marriage anyway!

So, back to noise! All these buildings around here have their own Property Management with lawn and garden care. I think they all plot against us who live here, and together they pick Tuesday as the day to invade with leaf blowers, chain saws, lawnmowers, whipper snippers and any other tool that is loud!
Then along comes the road sweeper, up one side and down the other! UGHHHHHHH! My head is exploding!

We have a detour one street over, so traffic is re-routed down our street. At the bottom of our street is a major construction going on with new 5 level housing complex, which has started last Spring and won't be over until next July. It will be lovely when finished, with a lovely design by the waterfront, with new area's for the public. But ohhh man, all these cement trucks and all that pile driving noise is making me deaf! It's sort of ironic that a place called Hearing Connect for hearing aids, sits two doors down.

We also have a condo undergoing renovation in our building and every noise can be heard bouncing off the walls. I also think this is the day they test the fire alarms!

Did I mention we live right by a elementary school! I think these kids are outside (rain and all), more than inside at their desks! I just remember a 20 minute recess in the morning and one in the afternoon when I went to school. 

Do, I sound a little grouchy today?? That's what happens when I lack sleep.
Being married to that loser in my dream called Barkley, who I don't think I even seen in my dream, he was sort of "just there, but "not really", if you know what I mean.
Hope he loves Kentucky, I don't want him in my dreams!

For heaven sake....I forgot it's garbage day too. I hear them coming and empying the bins with a clang and a bang!

Monday, October 24, 2016


Saturday, a beautiful Autumn day, my friend Barb and I changed our walking route from the Seawall to the forest trail along the Capilano River. Here's a few pictures we took along the way.

I knew someone who would say, "The beautiful bona vista of Autuminal splendor" 

 My friend Barb, who kept saying "Ohhh, look at that tree, or this tree." Everywhere we looked it was so pretty.

 Not a bear in sight!
 The trail lead us a few miles away to where Barb lives. It would have been nice to stop for a tea, but she left her home keys in the car, which was back where we started. So we trudged on, but so delighted to follow where the path  took us. So many different plants and trees in the wild.

 What a peaceful, beautiful place to walk.

 A wood creature!
 Barb, either checking out an interesting hole in the tree, or taking a rest.

Almost out of the woods now, although the trail does continue much further for miles, but, it was getting late, we felt tired and Whole Foods and a nice smoothie sounded like a great plan!
These aren't the greatest pictures, but I only had my iphone with me. I regreted not taking my big camera, but it's not always the camera, but who is taking the pictures!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


 Okay, these are all pretty well the same picture, and even though we see many eagles in this area, it's always such an exciting thing to see and everyone when spotting one will tell whoever is around that "There's an eagle!" Invariably, everyone will stop and wonder at the beauty of this powerful and majestic bird. 
This eagle was on a tree just outside our building and I took some with my iPhone, some with my little camera, and finally got out my super zoom camera that without a tripod it's so difficult to get a nice clear picture, once zoomed in close, without shaking a little.
It was a very rainy day, and his eagle feathers are very ruffled and soaked. 

 Okay, I'm overdoing it, but I couldn't choose one picture!!

I can't seem to get my picture file to open, so will have to call it the post for today.
Maybe more interesting next time when I figure out what is wrong.
Another rainy day here and another lovely sleep in!

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