Tuesday, March 25, 2008


From the West Coast

Just think, three months ago today was Christmas Day. Nine months from today, we'll be celebrating it again! Gee, I can feel everyone throwing things at me from here, and the stuff is just whistling past my head.....whoops, there goes a tomato!!! A cabbage....okay, okay....enough!!

I'm sitting in here my normal spot, watching tv and "The View". I do enjoy that show, but sure wish they'd get rid of Elizabeth. She grates on me, like no tomorrow! Her voice alone, drives me round the bend!

We kind of hope, my Easter gift of a GPS arrives today. I believe it's coming via Puralator, so I'll have to stay around. Tom has some doctor appointments so I don't get to go and will miss out on our visit to Tim Horton's. Oh well, I've got lots of work to do around here today anyway and should get my book finished, then listen to Oprah's comcast on Eckhart Tolle. I've had the book ordered at the library and seem to have been the next in line forever. I think I keep getting shuffled back somehow. Also the sequel to Pillars Of The Earth should be due for me to take out as well and that's a really thick one, and they only give 14 days to read it!

Sirens of Baghdad is what I'm almost finished reading now. Written by the same man who wrote Swallows of Kubal, which was very good. It's certainly a different perspective of war, and it just makes me sad that war has to happen at all and why all the hate in the world, over what, religion, greed, politics? Yamina Khandra is a pen name for the former Algerian army officer, Mohammed Moulessehoul, who certainly has seen and writes about it all.

It's a dull day her in West Van, in fact it's raining, but it will change to sunshine around 4 pm today. It always does!

We are seriously thinking of giving up TJ, our dog. She's a beautiful, little white Maltese, but a handful. I guess we just don't like constantly walking her as we get older and having to take her down in the elevator and outside for a pee. She often goes outside, on the deck when we haven't been paying attention to her, or she just let's it go on our white carpet, and I'm always chasing around with bottle of spot remover and swearing horrible words at her which isn't fair. Then Tom wants to take her everywhere with us and to me, it's like taking a baby along everytime we go anywhere. Everything centers around the dog, where we go, where we park, how long we can stay, where to walk her. We can't just book a holiday whenever we want and kennel cost is extremely expensive. It's very difficult to get anyone close by to look after her and relatives shun at the idea, so we don't ask. They like their rugs, pee free I suppose! She really takes to women, and isn't used to being around children, so we are looking for a woman who would give her lots of attention and love and would spoil her, like she's used to.

TJ, is a cute little girl eh?
Batman is easier to look after, and we have a lady in the building to look after her is we should want to go away. However, he's well past his "expiry date" too!!

This is how Batman feels about all this!!!

Picture of the Day: Another picture of TJ with Roxanne who made him this cute little coat and a scarf for me to match
Message of the Day: Animals have these advantages over man: they never hear the clock strike, they die without any idea of death, they have no theologians to instruct them, their last moments are not disturbed by unwelcome and unpleasant ceremonies, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsuits over their wills.

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  1. No no no...don't give TJ away! Read my letter to you! Jane wants her! Or I'll take her!
    Sam xo


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