Sunday, August 31, 2008


Home at last, and when it comes to using the computer after 14 days away from it, I feel brain dead!
We had a fantastic time, we met some wonderful people, we laughed, we shook hands and talked to people from all over the world, we loved our cabin, our crew, we took in some beautiful, breathtaking scenery and we enjoyed the pampering and we ATE and ATE, and ATE some more!

Over the next few days, I'll take you with me, through pictures of our wonderful time, the people we hope to remain long time friends with, and some of the beautiful sights of Alaska.

Getting home was a little challenge as there doesn't seem to be clear cut directions on where we were suppose to meet our friend John, who was picking us up, so we had a little mix up at the port after getting our luggage. But, here we are! I spent the morning, emptying out our luggage as the pile of dirty clothes on the floor grew larger and larger. Does this mean I'm back to reality??
Batman was very happy to see us and he hasn't left my side all day. He's much lighter and I don't think he did as much eating as we did, while away. He's lost weight. He's been meowing and talking and moaning and groaning, since we got in the door. It's good to see him!

I had 127 emails I started to quickly take a peek at and and more yet to go. I'll answer you as soon as I get myself organized. I downloaded some pictures, and some are great and some disasters. Should never go on a vacation full of beautiful scenery without learning how to first operate a brand new camera!!
Some need to be lightened and fixed up a little first, but it seems like the computer is a foreign thing to me at the moment, until I get down to business, after my tiredness goes away. It's very difficult being pampered and spoiled and returning to normal living again, you know!

We've missed lunch, and if I don't get up and check out the freezer, we may miss dinner! I think we have some soup in there, but...I have to heat it up!! How bad is that!!!

Soon, the Zaandam will be sailing by our window, on it's return trip back to Alaska, on another run to "wow" the passengers. I'm not sad to NOT be on it. It's nice to be home!

I hope all the new friends, that we met, reading this, also made it home okay. I'll be talking about you in the next few days and showing pictures. To those we met that live in the hurricaine heading towards New Orleans and area, and who sat this morning with fear and worry on their face at breakfast, we are thinking of you and wishing you all the the best.
As I write this...the Zaandam is heading out. I can see it now!!
I hope their cruise is as much fun as ours was.
That's my blog for tonight, until I get these pictures and my diary of events in order, and then will share it all with you....if interested!

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