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Cruising is very relaxing and as the ship glides through the water that is as calm as glass, it's a chance to just sit back and enjoy looking out the window enjoying the scenery or taking part in events on board the ship. So, let me tell you some of what went on.

Some of the staff on the last cruise had mentioned earlier that Dr. Ruth and some movie star from The Love Boat show, where guests on board. Last night, I saw someone I recognized, but for the life of me, couldn't remember who he was or where I'd seen him. I racked my brain over it and before going to bed thought I knew who it was...a fellow who worked where I worked when I first began 30 years ago, but he was retiring just about then. So, I was able to put that to rest, but it still niggled at my mind. In the morning, I had it!!! It was George from The Apprentice! Donald Trumps staff who judged the contestant's. So, I had my eyes peeled for him all day, and even zeroed in on him though the zoom on my camera during a crew show. I was sure it was him. Later in the day, I'm walking down a hallway and out he comes from a washroom, so I stopped him, and soon as I saw him up close again, I realized it wasn't George. So, I got talking to him, and told him what I had thought. He got a big kick out of that, and grabbed my program from my hand and whipped out a pen and signed it "Love George". I thought it was cute, but told him, I'd mentioned to many people that he was a dead ringer for George and to keep his pen out all day, because I had told half the ship that he was on board, so everyone was looking for him. He thought it was wonderful and was thinking he'd tell everyone he was George!!
That morning, I got up at 5:30 am because I heard we were to sail past a spot where whales are usually seen. Tom stayed in bed. I went up to the Lido for a coffee and even beat the crew up and everyone else on the ship too. Didn't anyone want to see the whales I thought! Then I spotted Moses, the Eskimo guide who did talks on board, so I sat with him and he told me some fun stories, but also told me we wouldn't be in the whale watching area for a few hours yet! What!!!! Did I read that notice wrong?? Damn!! So, I had a few more cups of coffee, the Lido opened and I had breakfast, with my eyes glued to the water, watching and hoping to spot whales. The Lido was filling up, but I had a prime watching spot by the window, so just waited for Tom to come up. He came up about 8:30 and found me sitting with friends who had joined me. Tom forgot his hearing aids, so I offered to run down and get them. I hurried as fast as I could! Got back and you guessed it...a whole pod of whales went right by the window and lucky Linda missed it!!! Damnnnnn!!!
Here's some of the sights.

Another Glacier through College Fjord. This one is receding drastically!

Look at the chunks of ice in the water. A sure sign we were approaching a Glacier. See the rock, it was once covered with ice. Sad isn't it!

So what else do we do while we slowly cruise the Fjord? Here's a few things..Ken in deep thought!

Chatting with the CrewJust laughing, drinking coffee, eating and having fun

Some brave the cold and sit on the deck.

Take pictures of the cute cook, with wonderful eyes, or talk to John and officer that came up behind me and gave me a terrific neck rub....mmmm...wonder if he's trained for that! Felt great!

Go to the disembarkation information and saying goodbye from the crew to the people, like Ken and Linda who leave the cruise tomorrow and most are heading on by land to Denali Park, further up into Alaska. The cooks all come out, some of the crew from every part of the ship and they put on a little show, that is wonderful, yet sad. We won't be getting off yet, but continuing on after we reach Seward tomorrow. We get this show again before Vancouver.

This is Patrick, who was there every morning to hand us our trays for breakfast in the Lido. A very friendly, happy sort, who would sing and hug us all every day and have a little joke or two. He surprised everyone by coming out on stage and singing "Unforgettable", with the most amazing and wonderful voice! Patrick is leaving the ship next month to seek a career. He met a woman on the ship who has contacts in the music business and says he's good enough for a music career. Patrick has such hopes and dreams and we all hope they come true. Good Luck Patrick!

Or, how about the Dessert Extravaganza? Wow!! You should see this event! The cooks work for days to make very fancy desserts that are beautifully displayed on tables, all around the entire indoor pool area. There is every dessert imaginable, a chocolate fountain, with fruit to dip in it, different breads, ice sculptures and sculpture's made of white chocolate!! Then we get to eat them!!! How good is that!!! Here's a few pictures of that.

If none of the above float your boat, there is always Swimming, Hot tubbing, Bingo, Culinary arts display, the Spa ,a Curry Cook out, a Towel Animal Demonstration, Art Auction, the Casino, Talks on native people, Wine tasting, Ice carving demonstration, Basketball, Afternoon tea, Showtime, Name that tune, and Trivia. I went up to look at the Jewelry Shop and they had a draw to win Jade. Guess what? I won!!! I got three bears, a big one, and two little one with fish in their mouth, made of Jade. What a surprise!!!

When tired of doing all this, and it's time to call it a day, come on out on deck and enjoy the beautiful sunset in Alaska!! What a sight!!

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