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Wow, what an experience! It was very different then going to a normal dentist. After the deep freezing, which was fact the whole 2 hours in the chair was painless!!

Then they put that green mask over my mouth, I guess to just expose the tooth they where working on. Then just like the above picture he did the procedure looking through this powerful microscope! Modern technology is amazing!!

Also a TV on the ceiling, or earphones with music if you want, but I choose to have the dentist tell me every step he was doing, but I think he was to in thought to explain stuff to me!!!

He removed all the old fillings and the previous root canal, and had a big surprise when he pulled out a wad of cotton that was left in the tooth from my Belleville dentist. He said, that’s a bad thing that would gather a ton of bacteria!!

He found the root he was looking for, but it was thin and very difficult to work on. The poor guy earned his money, as he tried very hard to remove what he said is as hard as stone in the canal. He worked and tried and tried some more until I knew exactly what tool he was asking for next.Two hours and 15 minutes later, he called a halt to it, and said he’d have to give it another go. We were all tired!!  Plus, I suppose the freezing was coming out soon. He took another X-ray to see how far down in the root he was able to reach and he’s only 1/4 of the way down!!! So, he said, sometimes when you get tired you can’t figure out another way and we all needed a break and next appointment, it may all come clear on how to get the “stone” or hardness out! He said he wouldn’t give up and he was worried how I was, so told him NOT to worry about me…just don’t give up! I need that tooth!!

The Belleville dentist, that did the root canal on the one canal, did not go to the bottom of the canal, which has a curve in it, so that’s another challenge for him to do it correctly! I have a new respect for endodontic surgery.

He said my face will likely swell up tomorrow, the cheap cap(apparently not made with good material), the dentist in Belleville put on will likely fall off and not to worry about it, and to see him again on the 7th of May for the next go around. I’m not in fear of him now!!

Tom waited patiently in the office and while waiting, had a snooze. When we went out the door,  the receptionist said he was a very quiet! I bet he snored constantly!!!

dentist terror

It wasn’t anything like this!!!

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