Tuesday, June 2, 2009



What a trip I’ve been on! Back through time, with pictures of my father’s side of the family, with my new found second cousin who lives in Victoria. She has a wealth of information, pictures, documents and interesting facts  back to 1806.

But, how mind- boggling it all is when everyone was handed down the same names!! I’ve been trying to figure it out, even though it’s been put down in writing for me, it’s still a mystery!

If this family wouldn’t make one interesting book, I don’t know what would. A life through generations with great stories!

We’ve had such great warm weather lately, and the trees are losing all the white fluff, that looks like snow has landed, and the air is cloudy with pollution, and my eyes, are red and sore! A problem I never had in Belleville, Ontario! First time, I’ve been bothered with allergies, or it just could be getting old and developing dry eyes, that leak and leak and get more red and just worse! Poor me eh?

Tom did very well on his walk today and walked almost to the mall, which is quite a hike. Wasn’t out of breath and went along at a good pace. I’m so proud of him. He seems to be coming along a little more each day, which is heaven! Still cranky though which isn’t like him at all. Seriously!!

No Pictures to show you today and not much to tell you. I could start showing you ancestor pictures, but I know you’d click off fast!!

So, maybe better blogging tomorrow.

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