Monday, November 16, 2009


dark rain cloud


I can tell you that I’m not one of these brave souls walking in the rain! The weather here has been raining HARD for a few day now and the wind nearly knocks you off your feet and that takes a mighty strong wind to knock ME off my feet!!


We did venture out this morning though and to our favourite haunt..The Library!!! The have a that you can use for free, and I had some heavy hunting thanks to another wonderful person named Erin, who has helped me beyond belief in finding ancestor’s, I never thought I’d find, but she is a pro at this and found so much for me! Thank you Erin!!

Last night while working on my “Family Tree Heritage” edition, and filling in some of my Guttin side of the family, and watching TV at the same time, I was trying to repair a mistake I had made awhile ago, which was throwing the whole tree out, when I clicked on the wrong thing, and POOF, it was all gone…the whole dang program! All that work!!!  I had been thinking about 5 minutes earlier, to do a back-up on the program, but it slipped my mind! I have bits and pieces back in now, but not nearly what was there before!! I can be such a dolt!

Through Erin who helped me, I found out that my second cousin, Ian Lindsay who lives near Craigavon in Northern Ireland is also out searching for our family, but he didn’t leave where I could reach him. He was looking for my grandmother, Rachel Lindsay’s mother, Isabella Jane Armstrong, from Seapatrick, Co. Down, Ireland and so am I! She died a few short years after 1899. I met Ian and Wanda Lindsay about 1980 along with his brother William who lives in Portadown, Ireland.

Has anyone ever tried to find a phone number in the UK?? IMPOSSIBLE on the Internet!!!

So, Ian or William, send me a note or sign the guestbook with email address, please!!

Well, folks, that’s it for now. Tom is feeling stronger and better everyday and trying very hard to do more all the time.

baby duck swimming

Good weather for ducks!

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