Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Before I get to the Forest and the Ocean, let me introduce you to Emon (hope I spelled his name right), who works for Wosk Coffee, where we buy our case's of individual K-cups of different delicious coffee's. We met Iman our first time there, and he is such a wonderful fellow, and we enjoy going back to the warehouse, just to see him and his wonderful, friendly ways. Not to bad to look at either eh?

One more thing before we get to the Forest and the Ocean, did anyone get their 3D glasses from the Post Office to watch The Queen? A bit of footage just discovered that was made in 3D during her Coronation in the 1950's, made by two inventors at their first try at 3D.  We got our glasses and like two people looking like idiots we sat watching this program. I glanced over at Tom and we both got to laughing at how silly this all looked.

The next day, we went for a walk up to Mosquito Creek, my very favourite place to walk in the woods. It's so beautiful that there and just a glorious walk....uphill, I might add!
I'm always a little nervous walking up there, as there has been bear sightings probably more times then I'm heard of, but it's very well travelled by walker's so likely fairly safe.
As I was taking pictures, I went a little off track to take a picture of something of interest and all of a sudden this big black animal, came charging around the corner and I thought I was going to pass out!! I quickly realized it was a big black dog, and along behind him came his owner, but by that time, my heart, which was pumping hard, felt deep in my throat!
But here's a few pictures I took up there.

Every thing is so green and lovely.
Trying to get fancy here!
Below: not a great picture, but not too many leaves are falling back here yet, and this was the last picture before my camera battery died!
Tom having a little sit down by the creek.

Summer officially ended today, and our sun is supposed to disappear for a few days, so made the most of the sunshine by the blue Pacific!
Two very brave ladies! I bet that water is cold!
A few fishermen out in their boats, likely for some salmon.
The sun was so warm, that Tom said he could easily lay on that bench and sleep, but he did it sitting up! That's a CNR train going by in the background!

Let's take a closer look at sleeping beauty!

Look at that huge log floating into shore. Imagine one of those fishing boats hitting that one!!

A huge freighter and two sailboats, very far away.

Different bench and wide awake now.
The flowers are giving their last burst of colour before Autumn steps in.

So long seagull...we are going home!

Tomorrow, I get a power burst with a new perm and haircut! It does wonder's for the soul!!

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