Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day 2011

Happy Valentine's to everyone reading this!

I've already dove into my BIG box of chocolates!! Tom says they will be done before the end of Valentine's Day, but I'm going to prove him wrong! 
However, I do hear them calling me!!!

I haven't been keeping this blog very up to date these past few months, but it's the winter season when the rains fall, and it's chilly out, and our bodies go into hibernation mode, and the fat accumulates around our middle more.Too much sitting around enjoying reading!

We do get out walking quite a bit, but we end to eat more in the winter than summer. All those "hearty, feel good meals", that will soon have to be changed to salads and lighter fare. The scales are climbing!!

Now, let me tell you about our day and tomorrow, we will change our ways!
We went out and had a big breakfast! However, we have sworn, that those kind of breakfast's are ending as of now!

I did sort of redeem myself by going for a long walk after, and when I met up with Tom later, my face was red from the wind and I was exhausted!

 Dundarave and the Sea Wall. 
Below: Look what I spotted up in the highest branches of a tree. Three more eagles where circling very high in the sky, but my camera couldn't catch them in flight.

 Look who celebrated his 83'd birthday on the 9th of Feb.
Happy Birthday Tom!!

Meet Buzz Lightyear!
This is Byron, who lives in this outfit, night and day!
Buzz may give up zooming away and take up music and dancing. A real rocker!!
His Grandfather, Martin is proudly looking on!
The newest edition, born in Dec. Meet Taya! She apparently isn't too thrilled to meet her Nana! (Step-Great-Grandmother)
 Look at that look of love between Taya and her Grandfather Martin. She doesn't know yet, what loved will be poured onto her with this family!

A few more birthday's this month!
Happy Birthday to my daughter Lisa, Happy Birthday to Tom's daughter, Meredith, and Happy Birthday to Marilyn, my friend from back home, Happy Birthday to Jhelena, my friend upstairs, and I also join February's birthday club and turn another year older on the 24th.
Why do the months and birthday's come so much quicker now?

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