Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

As Mr. Roger's would say.."It's another beautiful day in the neighbourhood...ta da da da!!" The sun was out all day long and it was about 11 C. Sweater weather here! The mountains are still incredible!!

Tom went to the dentist this morning, so I stayed home and cleaned and cleaned! I would love to throw out so much stuff, and if I'm in this mood tomorrow, that I was in this morning, this place will be absent some stuff that hasn't been used in quite some time!

Tom came home, we had cottage cheese and fruit for lunch and then Patricia called and she's still not feeling well but when I mentioned the fantastic sale they are having at Alia, that I was at on Sat, she suddenly felt better and felt like shopping. Funny how a sale perks us women up! So, off we went to have a peek!!! She found some good "must have" dress jackets and I got some free hangers!! Can you believe that! Never spent a penny....there!

Then we had a coffee at Tims and complained about how our kids and grandkids don't appreciate us and never call and how we are "mother orphans!" Seems us grandparents have the same complaint! After we recharged ourselves and felt better about complaining about things, off we went to Wal Mart. I'm looking for sun glasses, because my favourite and only pair that stays on my head when not in use, has these little grabbers on the arms that hold in my lack of hair head!

I've already glued my old pair last week and so we looked and looked but couldn't find a pair. So gave up and on we went. Past a store with beautiful scarves on sale for $5.00. I pulled out a nice blueish/purple one with gold running through it and threw it over my neck and Patricia said "Oh Linda, that color looks wonderful on you!" That did it! Out came my $5.00. I now own another scarf! She bought one, even more beautiful, that I had my eye on but didn't scoop it up fast enough, so she now Patricia owns it. Damn! Then we went to the Dollar Store to buy eye glasses for a buck! She picked out a nice pair, with green tinted frames. that I wanted!!! It was the only green pair there!! Damn!! I'm shopping alone from now on!! I told her to try it on again, to give her a second opinion so that I could tell her they looked awful on her, but I just couldn't do it! They looked fabulous on her, but I knew, I'd look better...Damn! Came out of the mall and just as I was getting into the car, my glued together sun glasses fell and broke completely!! Ewww, I could have cried! They are beyond glueing now!!

Then we came home, both in awe of how beautiful the mountains look and passed a photographer catching them with the sun shining on them. I bet it makes a lovely picture for a postcard!.

Last week, we had a really bad wind storm. Not as bad as the one that knocked the heck out of Stanley Park, but pretty bad. I had a friend going over town through Stanley Park on a bus and a tree fell in between the Lions Gate Bridge and the bus. They closed the bridge because of the winds so the bus couldn't go anywhere! The people had to get off the bus and walk into the city, and continue from there. Well, part of the major streets was closed off, because the wind had blown out a big pane of glass from one of the high office building, making it very dangerous, should the glass fall to the ground. It was just hanging loose, ready to fall. It was dangerous for workers to get up to remove it in the high winds. She said as they walked through the streets, they could look up at all the office and condo buildings and hear the wind rattling all the windows and wondering if they too would blow out. She was scared out of her wits as were the other people. It sure makes you think of the destruction either wind or an earthquake could do in a big city. It seems the winds get stronger and stronger here. I know that night, our patio furniture on the bedroom deck was blown all over the place and our windows were rattling in the frame. Scary stuff!!!

Well, it's supper time and we are having hot, mile high, corned beef sandwiches with a pickle!!

I bought a whole pineapple when I was out so we'll be eating that for awhile!! I read that if you cut off the leaf part and turn it upside down and put it in the fridge overnight, the sweet juices flow through the pineapple, and makes it DELICIOUS!

We eat lots of fruit, not enough vegetables, but Geez....can't win them all!!

Have a great day folks!!!

Picture of the day!
If I could have written it in stone, I would have, but sand and my heart is the best I can do!!

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