Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ahh, What a Grand Day!

Well, it's one of those warm, sunshine filled days in Vancouver, that feels like Spring has sprung!! The mountains look absolutely incredible with the snow on them, and with the sun shining on them, it's a beautiful scene, that even a camera can't capture. Walk around the deck and the ocean is very blue, with both big cargo boats and little sailboats sailing on it. It's so clear we can see the mountains in Victoria way off in the distance. As the sun goes down, the mountains take on a whole different look and everytime I go by the patio door and glance out, I have to comment on how beautiful they are.
It's the time of year that the buzz of gas trimmers can be heard along with the branch shredders and grass blowers, getting rid of broken branches and fallen leaves on the street, working hard at keeping everything neat and tidy. The window washers are out with their big lifts and high platforms, working hard as well. Frankly, I could do without all the noise, but it's still a beautiful day.
Tom and I went out for breakfast this morning, then did some grocery shopping, took the dog to the park for a walk, and then to Indigo to look around at the new books. It's been fun. We always seem to have something to laugh and giggle about or tease one another.
Just as we got inside our door, my cell phone was ringing! We've only had this cell phone for over a month now and nobody ever calls us!! So, when I heard the little tune playing, I got so excited when I realized it was my phone, I could hardly get my purse open fast enough. Then I had to figure out how to answer it. I kept yelling "hello, hello", but then realized, I must have to push something! By then, whoever it was had hung up. I spent 10 minutes figuring out how to see what I push to find out who the caller was, but it just said private number! Damn. Then another 10 minutes seeing if you can call back a private number, but I couldn't get it to work, so just gave up. I wonder who it was?? Only Tom's family and my friend Patricia has the number, so it may have been them. I suppose they will call back if it's an emergency.
I thought I had the "Comment page" fixed, but apparently I don't, so back to the drawing board and see if I can figure out how to make it work so that people can leave a comment. The problem with these free programs, they want you to add these little extra's but thats when the advertisements start to show on up the page as well and I really don't want that. It would be great if I knew how to write html, but that's not within my scope of intelligence! I'll keep looking around and see if I can find a program that won't put the advert's on.
Picture of the day!
This is a picture of my mom on the left and my Nanny on the right. As my aunt pointed out, they look like sisters, don't they! I think it was before I was born, so it's an oldie!!

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  1. I just love seeing that old picture there Linda...yep, it's old, around 1940 or thereabouts.

    Am so enjoying reading your blog every day so keep up the good work Kiddo!

    Auntie I


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