Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday, Jan. 11/08

Jan 11/08
Well, I spent all late afternoon, up until bedtime working on this blog, which I've never had a blog before, so it was trial and error and at one point thought I had lost the entire thing. This morning, I tried again and there was my draft. So, I quickly published it. I'm still not sure just what I'm doing, but if I can stick to it, maybe I'll learn!

Watching Regis and Kelly this morning and one of the prize trips was a trip to Turtle Cove Resort in Hawaii!! They showed parts of it, that we had no idea we were so close to such beautiful scenery! Were were too afraid to wander too far from the bus depot. After all, we had a boat to catch!!
Yesterday, I noticed my weight is climbing (that was a sudden shock..I knew that, but Tom and I keep an eye on our blood pressure and mine is always very low and I gloat! Yesterday and today, it's very high, so I think I need some exercise, so will take TJ and head out for a walk. We actually have a day without rain! We have so many beautiful places to walk here. There is a seawall only a short distance away that is a beautiful walk along the ocean. It's neat to see what the tide has brought in but I love it better when the water is up higher and covering all the rocks and huge big wood poles the tide brings in.
Tom is snoozing in his chair at the moment, TJ is snoring on the couch and Batman is in his tent and I can hear him snoring as well. It's a loud house!!
Watching what the fashion is from 2007 to 2008 and the trend is showing your figure! Oh for cripes sake!! Why don't they show what the trend is for fat people? Maybe it never changes, we just wear tents or whatever we can find to fit! Belts are in!!! Oh Lord, I'll look like a potato sack! Thank goodness, I'm past that fashion sense, but in reality, I never had a fashion sense, I just work what looked half decent. Old age does have good points!!

I love The View with Woopie on, but I liked Rosie too. I can't stand Elizabeth!! This is how our day begins. We watch Regis and Kelly while we eat breakfast, then I sit and read my mail and watch The View and then maybe....just maybe, I'll get up and do somthing meaningful and has that word "work" involved. Or, I may flip the tv to Ellen and watch her antics. We bought a 57 inch flat screen TV a few months back and it's beautiful and clear but it tends to cut into my reading...and work, and walking. I'll have to dig out my notes and try to remember what my New Years resolution was!
I love to write and ramble (as my blog is called), so if you feel like checking in sometime when you have absolutely nothing to do, please bookmark my site and come for a visit, leave a note and maybe we can stay in touch more.
Until later....Linda PS. I'll add a few more pictures here too

See how my picture taking turned out so rotten!! I had it on the wrong settings!!! Blur!!!

This time the blur and wrong camera setting was to my wrinkles!!

Beautiful eh!!! More later!! Work to do now.


  1. Hey Sister Dear,

    Have just read through your blogspot. Very neat! (I didn't reread everything about Hawaii cause I already read it in your email.)

    You are always so photogenic! You look great...Tom too. Too bad some of your photos turned out blurry...don'tcha hate when that happens and the photos are so important?!

    Tell me when you're going to walk the seawall to the end...(to the restaurant with the cam)...I'll keep an eye out for you..make sure you wave!)

    Look forward to your next blog.
    Sam xo

  2. You look great Linda - can't say the same for Tom, but then he's not a beautiful, sexy lady, is he ? I enjoyed reading your BLOG, although I didn't know WHAT I was going tobe reading at first, until I saw your picture. Now you've got this Blog, you will have even less time for those mundane chores, because you will have to keep it up to date - COR BLIMEY. Glad you had a fun time making it. Talk soon. Hope Tom's eye is doing okay. Cheers. Beryl. Jan 12.2008


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