Friday, January 11, 2008

Deep Thought for The Day


Some people are like slinkies

They don't really have a purpose in life

But they still bring a smile to your face

When you push them down the stairs

Oh Boy, am I sick! When I first read this, I laughed! Then I put it on the blog because I thought it was so funny. Then I really read it!!! What I pictured as I first read it, was how funny it would be to push a person down the stair and see them fall like a slinky. Sick eh?

However, I have a cold and as night falls, my chest is hurting, and my head is getting full, so, I'm not thinking straight. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be better and my sense of humour won't be so sick.

Another Hawaiian Picture

These boats are called Pilot Boats and whenever we go into or out of a port, these boats guide the Captain of our boat in safely. A person from their boat jumps into ours and guides us in, then when we pull out, the guy in this boat comes along side us and the guide jumps in. Fun to watch!
There are big thrusters that push us sideways from the dock, and then away we go. This one came right up and gave us a little shove. Then everyone stands and waves them away.

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