Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear ERIN
Happy Birthday to you!!
This is my youngest of two daughters, ERIN who today, January 29th turns 39 years old!!! Which makes me feel REALLY old!!

I wish you a great day Erin, and get lots of Happy Birthday wishes from friends and family and even lots of great presents and of course a huge birthday cake!! Are you taking the day off work and just relaxing and doing what you feel like doing, or is it back to the grind as always?

Here's a few more fun pictures of Erin. I wish I had all my family photo's here, and then we could all have a chuckle at some great ones taken as she was growing up to the beauty she is now.
This is Peter, her husband, Erin (cute eh!), Sarah, and Erica

Erin is quite an artist and great at sketching.

A few summers ago, Erin and Pete decide to go tubing! I wish I had all the pictures here to show you. We stood on the shore and killed ourselves laughing as the tube tipped over and over , throwing them around and into the water.
Here they go!!!

Hang on!!!
Oh, if I only had the pictures of the upsets and the bumps and the throwing out of the tube!!

Looks like Erin had enough!!!
Ouch!! Get me out of here!!

Isn't she lovely and no sign of bruising...YET!
So Erin, my darling, have a wonderful birthday. I will be thinking of you and will call you later.
Love from Mom, Tom, TJ, and Batman


  1. happy birthday from us too Erin
    All our love
    Richard, Lisa,Matt and Brad

    Mom-you better NOT but any pictures of me in my bathing suit on here. Erin looks much better. If you would like me to send some pictures let me know.
    Love ya

  2. MY eyes, they burn!!! I am sooo going to look for pics of Lisa in her bathing suit, for her birthday page as well as some for MY lovely mother.
    Thank you for all your birthday wishes! Although I wish you hadn't posted my age, I thought I was only turning 38....
    Love Erin

  3. Happy Birthday Erin!

    I'm a long time friend of your Mom's. (online friend that is) Hope your day is filled with laughter and love from family and friends.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you Lisa!!!

    Is it desperately cold and windy there too...hahaha.

    I didn't know you where that OLD!!! Your Mother must be really OLD hahaha.

    Auntie I

  5. Happy belated Birthday Erin. Nice pics, now let's talk about Pete's butt.

  6. Happy Birthday Erin!
    Sorry I missed it! Hope it was fun!
    You have NO worries about the bathing suit photo...sigh...I only wish I looked THAT good...wow!
    Roxanne xo


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