Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day..

Why can't I trust me, the name just popped into my head. It's a nice song too!
Today was an uneventful day, not much to write about. The repair man was here at 9am to fix the heat in the bathroom. We weren't getting any! Somehow the valve got shut off, but it's throwing out the heat now! We had the whole building's heat supply shut off about a month ago before Christmas and of course it got really cold right then. A new furnace and hot water tanks were being put in. It's nice and cosy here now.
We went for a little walk with the dog, and then read awhile, then Tom took me out to an Italian restaurant which was delicious. I had lasagna, something Tom hates. He said it's all they made in the Firehall and he got so sick of it. That and roast beef!! Two things I love of course.
Then we went to the Library to see if any good books have been dropped off during the evening hours, but it was poor pickings. I have so many holds on books that I want to read, that if they all come in together, I'll sure have my nose between the covers that is!
I just started watching that show "When All The Woman Left Town" Interesting so far, but Batman is meowing, as he usually does this time of night for me to come to have my bath. He has waited beside the bathtub, while I lay in the hot water and read, since the day I got him. He hates our routine out of whack!!
Tomorrow, I'm going to start writing little things about family and friends. Someone will be the star of the blog for the day, pictures and all. You may not know each other now, but you will soon! I just wish I had my albums here and not in Ontario. So, if you don't want to be mentioned on the blog (first name only! ),send me an email to not do it. I'll respect that!!

Hopefully it will be fun!!
Picture of the day:
Happy Hour before dinner on the Volendam (I think the guy in the chair sitting beside Tom, had been being happy for quite a few before dinner!!

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