Saturday, January 26, 2008


Did you ever have days where you just didn't get enough sleep and like a zoombie you walk around doing the morning usual things and just wanting to crawl back into bed again. Talk about a GROUCH!! I was the queen of Grouch this morning. However, I thought I'd do something nice and have bacon and eggs, meanwhile, deep in my mind remembering the single life I had and could have gone back to bed without guilt. Everything I did, just took so much effort. First I had to clean up the dog pee that Tom pointed out to me on the way to his computer. It seems I get up every single morning and the first thing I have to do in inhale whatever chemical coming out of that spray can to make the urine disappear, wondering as well what the heck it's possibly doing to make cancer cells appear in my body!! Then it's the usual scrubbing on the spot to clean it up and swearing as I do it, calling the dog every name I can think of and wondering what I could put in his food to shorten his little life and pee filled bladder! Then I'm making the bed thinking after the 5000 times I've made beds, I was getting pretty pissed off doing it. I then run out to turn the bacon, then into the bathroom to finally wash my face and get more pissed of at that wrinkled, sleep deprived, ugly and mean face staring back at me, with a look that could stop and elephant dead in it's tracks!

Back into the kitchen, the bacons done, turn on the stove, pop in toast, crack the eggs in the pan, and grab what dishes I need to make the table. Out comes Tom and causually sits down to read the paper, while I'm now THROWING the dishes on the table and pitching the knives and forks from the kitchen at the table, not caring where they land! Thinking, he could at least set the table!! There's your knife and fork Tom!! Suddenly, it all became his fault for how I felt. The butter was hard, so I put it into the micro to soften it a little, and of course, forgot it. Butter is now all melted and the micro had to be cleaned out!! GRRRR, my mood is getting worse. I pour the orange juice and tell Tom his breakfast is ready. I'm sitting down by now, eggs and bacon and toast on his and my plate! He takes his sweet time coming to the table, which puts me over the edge!!!!!!! He says "nice breakfast" I say "YEAH!" in a not so pleasant tone. He asked me whats wrong and I reply "Don't talk to me right now!!" He looks mystifed, but says.. 'Ohhh, okay!" We ate in silence!!!

After we ate, he did help to bring a couple of dishes in and set on the counter right on top of the dish washer. I'm still in a foul mood but coming out of now that I'm more awake and fed. However, my mood went to foul again!! Why can't men put them IN the dishwasher instead of saving me one more step of having to do it.WHY??? I'll never figure that out!!!

So, I get the kitchen cleaned up and Tom is going to get out of here, as he must feel a little nervous around all these knives in the kitchen and with my mood, it's better to get out while the going is good. He's going to take the dog for a walk!! So, I quickly think of what a Bitch I've been and tell him to wait and I'll go with him. Plus the fresh air may clean up my head and mood.

We walked arm and arm, a loving couple, dropping the whole morning's tension and chattered about this and that and the day was back on track in a good way.

Neither of us got much sleep the night before, so when we came back in, we went for a snooze. We slept for about an hour. I didn't think I slept at all, but he said I snored. We got up, had a drink of cold orange juice, he went on to reading the paper then going to the computer room. I read my email, and just could not keep my eyes open. It's just one of those days when the body is telling you go to bed and rest So, that's what I did. Woke at 2pm, to beautiful huge flakes of snow floating past the patio door. Just like home!! I thought I'd get up and go for a walk and go to M&M for ice cream. When I sleep in the afternoon like that, I wake up always wanting something extremelly cold to eat. It's been like that since I was a kid. But by the time I got out of bed and looked out, it was melting on contact with the ground and had turned to rain! Darn.

So, I drank more orange juice, sat down and wrote my daily post! Now it's supper time!! It's leftovers, so it won't be bad to make and I'm out of the mood I was in earlier, but the mood is a fine line today. Don't we all have these days one time or another. Today was mine. Hopefully tomorow is someone elses.....hopefully somebody I either don't like or else has an wonderful understanding husband like mine!!

chow for now.

Picture of the day: This is Scootamatta Lake gals, drinking OPRAH drinks and having a grand time, giggling and laughing and OPRAHING ourselves through the night. Every gal here is funnier then the gal next to her! What fun had by all!


  1. Hi Mom
    Sitting here reading a weeks worth-think it will take all day. Your comments made me smile and not quite so groucy myself.
    Love ya lots

  2. Ohhhhhhhh I HAD left a comment about this one (but it didn't publish).
    It was something along the lines of "POOR TOM!!" What a freaking grouch eh Tom? Glad I wasn't there that morning! heh heh
    Love you even when you're grouchy Sister Dear. xoxoxoox


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