Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday in a Snow Globe

I feel like my view from the window is like looking into a snow globe. These big, huge and beautiful flakes are falling heavily over all I can see, and it's just lovely and rare to see where we live in this part of Vancouver. Why didn't it snow like this when I was walking home from the mall, just 10 minutes ago!! I was enjoying my walk and this would have made it perfect. I love walking in fallen leaves and also in huge flakes of soft white snow. Somehow it makes me feel so warm and all is wonderful with the world in those moments. However it's gone as soon as it hits the ground and that too is GOOD!! Love to see it fall, love more to see it disappear, unless, I've had a few drinks and in a crazy mood to make snow angels!!

Tom and I went over to the North Side of Park Royal Mall. Apparently it was the first Mall built in Canada! There is the South side of Park Royal on the other side of the road. So a road runs between them both with overpasses to each side. Park Royal is about 1/2 mile away, so within walking distance. Sundays are such lazy days and I had to get out and do something, so talked Tom into looking around The Bay store. I found so many nice things that fit and were cheap, but came out empy handed. I just have NO place to hold anymore clothes. Gosh, I wish I had these clothes when I was working!! I have some nice things but wear the same old comfy things and walk around like a bum!

We stopped and had a coffee and I was commenting to Tom, how I didn't spend a thing!! He commented back that we weren't out of the mall yet!!! Well, he was right!! I bought a pair of sun glasses in London Drugs. I love London Drugs....a store not in Ontario. They have everything in there and always something different. I even by-passed the marshmello choc. hearts out on display, which are my favourite.

Tom drove the car home and I walked the dog. It felt good to walk and enjoy the air. So, this is the end of my blog for today. I'm heading off to read now. Not too interesting eh! I'll try and do better next week, and will continue as long as the counter continues to climb. Sure a good way to keep in touch!! Keep watching and reading...the address for this blog is about you and you may be my on my mind and on the blog anytime. However, you are ALL always on my mind, and in my heart!

Oh dear...what will I watch on TV tonight, now that the Amazing Race is over? Whoever is interested in the Survivor Pool better soon get in touch with me or Bill. Time is running out!!

Picture of the day: This is some of my RED HAT SOCIETY pals. I'm hiding in there too.
We have some fun times and have a dinner out the end of this month. I'll have to dig out some other picture's I have on disc and show you some other events we've had. This was a Christmas party.

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