Monday, January 14, 2008

My Sister Roxanne's Big Day

Roxannes Big Day and My Big Laugh

Meet my little sister Roxanne! She's a wonderful sister with an incredibly good sense of humour and a fantastic good sport. (At least I hope she still is, after I publish this post!)

Yesterday we talked on the phone about her agony of hunger and also, rushing to the bathroom every 5 minutes. She was undergoing the treatment involved with having a Colonoscopy today. Starving for 24 hours and taking these drugs to empty her out. She had craving for a chicken sandwich but it was out of the question. I sympatized with her, as I knew my time for one is coming up soon.

Woke this morning to pelting down rain and wind and we cancelled our trip to Costco, which I was looking forward to. So, as I worked around here, my thoughts we're with Roxanne and how she was making out.

When I heard from her, her first words we're " I have a sparkling, clean, colon!" Now how good of news is that!!! Then she told me about it.

How they did the IV in her hand (that had my stomach squirm), then they brought her in and told her to turn on her side. She turned back to the Dr. doing the procedure and asked him if he brought his GPS! He laughed and the whole team of nurses and doctors got into a conversation regarding GPS'. The doctor leaned over her and asked if she felt neglected? Then she saw the scope and had to get the doctor to show her that it really did flex!! They were about to put in knockout meds into the IV and told her to think of something she would really like. Her last words before the world left her was "chicken sandwich!"

When she woke, they had a chicken sandwich ready for her. She was so hungry, she was gabbing and eating it before she hardly came to, or even sat up!! She munched it down pretty fast!

It was my laugh for the day, and the good news is she has nothing to worry about there, as my brother had bowel cancer last year but is fine now. Hopefully, mine will be okay too.

The rest of the day, was pretty boring. Tom and I went for a snooze while the wind and rain pounded on the patio door in the bedroom. We woke up to sunshine and a beautiful day. We thought we'd at least get out for a walk but then the weather turned again. High winds and rain.

So, I made cookies, had our tea and now we are settled in for the day! Tomorrow, we'll go to Costco and spend money....I love to do that!!!

This is Roxanne at a party we had last summer at her place in St. Catharines. She was dancing and singing and having a great time, after a few drinks. I'd give anything to have the picture I took the next morning on HER camera of how she looked the next day, laying on the floor clutching her blanket and bottle of water and moaning in pain. She lost her sense of humour that day!!!

Don't kill me have a sense of humor....right???

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  1.'s all true. Now YOU can go have YOUR colon inspected too. It's easy! The day before...I almost called to cancel...cause I was chicken but I'm glad I didn't. It was much easier than I thought...even though the equipment looks rather isn't.

    There seems to be a recurring theme on these blogs about me and Baileys, and wine and partying. (Not to mention that terrible horrible photo you posted!) You'll be giving your readers the impression that's all I do!
    Anyway...YOU were at that party as well Darling Sister!

    Love reading your blogs...keep them coming!
    Love you. Sam xo


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