Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A prayer for Dorothy

Vancouver was an absolutely beautiful day here today. We actually saw the sun!! I looked at the fresh fallen snow up on the mountains, shining in the sun and I had to run and take a picture, which is still on the camera....sorry!! But what a mood lifter!! Sun!!
But, Tom woke me up before 5 this morning and I could't get back to sleep again, so I did some laundry, had breakfast and the usual morning stuff. Then we went to Costco's and I spent a ton of money! My goodness, it's so easy to pick up this and that and before you know the bill is monsterous. Before we leave for anyplace we always leave the patio door open so the cat can get to his litter box. Guess what we forgot to open? Guess who had a very huge case of the runs??? Guess what the house smelled like when we walked in??? Guess who was doing some cursing???
Poor cat, it wasn't his fault, but poor me, spending quite a long time on my knees trying everything I could find to use, to get it out of the white rug.
We ate early today after we got the mess I mentioned, cleaned up, We bought at T&T a completely Chinese grocery store, some sushi for supper We love to look around but I'm a little hesitant to buy very much there. Tom could spend all day looking around, but not for me! Then onto Costco.
That was our day, not very interesting but sure beats staying home in all that rain we've been having lately.
I had a note from Dorothy, who is very sick and having a terrible time getting her breath and breathing. She spent some time in the hospital the other night and she sounds very scared and feels this is so serious that she has asked up to say some prayers for her. I promised I would and thought I'd pass it on to everyone who reads this with the wish and a prayer that she is soon feeling better and nothing serious happens to her. Hang in there Dorothy, and yes I and all of us, I'm sure will pray for your speedy recovery.

American Idol I think is on tonight, so I think I'm having my bath early, climbing into bed and watching tv. I just miss the 57" tv in the living room compared to the tiny one in the bedroom! That's if I make it to 8 pm. I'll likely be asleep before then.

Picture of the day:
This is my grandchildren! Matthew is on the left and he is 18. Erica beside him is 13, Sarah is 10 and Grandma is getting up too far in age to mention! Bradley is 15 They are all wonderful, good people. What a bunch of cuties too!!! Love them!!

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