Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today's Ramblings on Jan. 17/08

I'm sitting here watching cooking shows, one right after the other. All with fantastic recipes, of which I have great intentions of making, but I know deep down, it's another fantasy of my mind! I love to WATCH but hate to COOK! I'm actually salivating right now, as this guy is making "chicken salad sandwiches with Brie on top" He just put them under the broiler and now he's taking them out of the broiler and ohhhhh man!! I should have paid better attention to that recipe, because I really might have made that one!!!!
I shouldn't be hungry at all as Tom, Dianne and Bill, Amy and I just got back from a West Indian restaurant for lunch. I've been introduced to so many different ethnic foods under Tom's gentle persuasion, against my fear to try to learn and taste and to expand my food horizons. Anyway, I've fallen in love with butter chicken and some other things Indian, that I can't pronounce, let alone spell!
Bill, is Toms late wife, (Joan), brother. Dianne (AKA Juliette)... is his wife and Amy is their daughter. They are the most wonderful, genuine people I know and respect with my whole heart! I just love them!
Picture this....Bill loses his beloved sister Joan and all of a sudden a new woman (me) moves into Joan's home as Tom's new wife. Pretty hard thing to accept, to my way of thinking, if put into the same situation as Bill and Dianne who were always very close with Tom and his late wife and socialized very much with each other.
But my first visit out here to Vancouver, I was invited into their home for lunch and it felt like we had known each other always. They made me feel so welcomed and comfortable, and I was and still am, in awe of the way they put the past behind them and were able to move on.
We go out for lunch every month, exploring different eating places and Tom and I look forward to these times very much and when there, the conversation and laughter just flows with ease and enjoyment. We hate to leave, and sometimes have to, when the waiter starts to hover, as if to tell us we can't stay the night!!
Bill is also the Survivor Mafia, we send our gambling money to and both Bill and Dianne send out the betting results to us, that we really enjoy. I asked him today if he was going to run the pot again this next Survivor again and he's not sure, so everyone keep your fingers crossed he agrees to do it. If you want to encourage him, ask me for his email address to write to him and encourage him and tell him not to be such a spoil sport just because he hasn't picked winner's yet! He's also very witty, so you may get some response back to give you a giggle.
Dianne is absolutely wonderful, beautiful, chatty, funny, also very quick sense of humour and we laugh and giggle and if I could have one wish, it would be that she lived closer. I love her very much. Don't know why she prefers Juliette...she's keeping something from me. Maybe that's a night job she has and the name she uses????
Amy is getting married soon and is marrying Avi, a West Indian fellow who is very goodlooking. She told me today, she will have the Indian traditional wedding ceremony, complete with the inking on her hands, and then the real wedding the next day. I'm so excited to see this ceremony, so hope she was serious when she asked if we'd be interested to see both. I'm there kiddo!!
Anyway, I can't say enough about these new friends and family! Love them very much!! So, Juliette, will you bake me another loaf instead of of handing me the recipe??? hahahah
Tonight, I'm going out again!! My friend Patricia and myself are going to the playhouse, somewhere downtown Vancouver tonight to see. The Brunette, the Blonde and the Redhead.
She had tickets and lucky me got invited to go with her. Thank goodness she's driving, because, we wouldn't be going unless she was. I haven't mastered driving downtown and can't drive at night. I need a GPS!!! I keep hinting!!
Well, that's all my ramblings for today. Oh did anyone watch American Idol last night? Did you see that last guy singing over and over again "You are my brother"? I laughed so hard, and is Simon becoming nicer?? I betcha that that song will somehow become a hit!!! Not because it was good, but it was like that Chinese guy, Hung, or whatever his name was. Lets wait and see if I'm right!
More tomorrow
Picture of the day coming us next:
Blurry picture of the place the live shows was held each night. This was before the festivities began for New Years Eve.
I broke my camera (did I tell you about that and the stupid thing I did to break it and almost my neck as well?)
Then I got playing with the menu on the camera, which I should know better NOT to do!!! I screwed up many good shots.

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