Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday

The weekend is almost here, not that it makes much difference when retired! Tom and I are sitting here, trying to recreate the relaxing and romantic atmosphere on the cruise, by having an "apple martini", that we had a few times aboard the ship. For some reason, either I picked up the wrong ingredience or something isn't quite right. They said to buy "Apple Pucker", mixed with vodka. ( I bought apple liquor) It had a tangy delicious refreshing taste on the boat, but here, it's just not the same. Maybe it's the caramel corn I'm also snacking on! Sweet and that's something! But they are potent, so sipping slowly!
Last night, I went with Patricia to see a play called The Blonde, The Burnette, and Vengeful Redhead. One girl played the whole play and she did all the parts from four or five different women, a child and a man. She's change behind a lit screen on stage and then come out. It was really fantastic and if it comes to your area, make sure you get to see it. Fantastic talent and what a twist to the show. Really worth going to.

Today, I went to the mall to look around. Lots of sales on and some great buys, especially Christmas stuff. It just breaks my heart that we have no storage for anything!! I see lots of great things that are at a great price that would make good gifts, but the shipping is so awful to send anything! I've bought gifts ahead for next Christmas for Toms family and when I look what I'm giving, when the following Christmas arrives, I have to give my head a shake and wonder what was I thinking!!! So, not doing it this year. I'm sure they wonder what I was thinking also!!!
So, I looked, wished and came home disgruntled and all I bought was stuff to remove the darn dog pee. I'm so sick of scubbing out stains, so I put a dog diaper on the dog. See how that works. I'm fed up with both those little creatures. We do have a laugh at the dog in a diaper though!
Tom went out this afternoon and had a coffee with his friend John. I wonder what they talk about. Do they complain about things like us women do? Not that I've anything to complain about but we seem to always find somthing to gripe about. We wouldn't be women if we didn't.
Workers are already cutting the grass here and using the grass blowers. The bulbs on the hibiscus trees are huge and it won't be long before they pop out. I saw real geraniums still growing in a pot downtown the other day. I went over to see if they were real and they were. That's the last time I'm pulling mine all out for winter. We are suppose to be in for some lovely weather although today was nice. I just wore a sweater outdoors. We see people in shorts here all year round. Little too cold for me!!!
Well, I had to hand my apple martini over for Tom to finish. I can feel it already and we haven't had supper yet and a few more sips and I'd be finished.
Thats it for today. Have a great weekend everyone. Is anyone reading this stuff??
Picture of the day:

Tom laying in the hammock on the ship. The picture was horrible again. Damn it! I'll send another because this is so bad!

The Phillipino crew and the Indonesia crew both put on a talent night and its really good! They are such good people and they work so hard! The last night, the whole crew, from every department comes on the stage and sings and it is so emotional that the tears are flowing down many people's cheeks. You end us making such great friends with them all and more so with special ones. We loved Roy and Tono and Mark, who I came across on Christmas morning, standing by the pool, as I was heading somewhere. He looked so sad, so I went over and asked why he was looking so sad on Christmas and he said, it was his first time away from home and his mom and he'd only been on the ship for 4 months and he was feeling lonely. I put my arms around him and gave him a hug and told him I'd be his mom today. I went and bought him a international phone card when we went ashore later in the day. When I gave it to him, I told him to make sure he called his mom. He was so pleased, and hugged me tight. He did go phone his mom and told me about it. During the hulu show, he came with some beautiful roses for me and told them they were for his new mother on the ship. Then the next day, he gave me a beautiful card, with some nice words on it, and so we had developed quite a friendship. Then he gave me a card with two free drinks on it. I liked being his mom. The last day as we were having breakfast, before we disenbarked, I had forgot to say goodbye to him, so he came looking for me, and was afraid that I was going to leave without saying goodbye. I lied and said, I was just about to look for him as soon as we finished our breakfast. He looked so sad we were leaving and I did too. He promised to send me a valentine. So, we hugged and sadly, I'll never see, my new son again. So many friends are made on these travels, and it's hard to know you won't see them again.

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  1. Hi Mom

    I sat down and read it all. You must love to write. I always feel guilty with my 2 line letters but I love to read yours. Keep it up.
    Love Lisa
    ps Hi Roxanne


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