Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

What to write about, my mind is blank!! The weather's always a good topic, so let's start there!

Vancouver today is filled with warmth and sunshine. Something we've been lacking here for some time. It certainly lifts the mood when the sun is on your face, and warms you to your soul and makes you feel good to be on this side of the ground.

We went for a walk today with our master (the dog), and as we strolled along the path by the rolling rapids, TJ, peed on every bush, and tree, sniffing and then leaving her own mark behind.

What a strange thing to do eh? Can you imagine us humans doing that! But she was so happy and glad to be outside as well.

The daffodils and the tulips are shooting out of the ground at great speed now and the buds are getting larger and larger on the trees. Another month or so and it should be beautiful out here. My favourite time of the year in Vancouver! Then Tom and I get into a guessing contest to see if we can win a $5.00 bet on when the last of the snow will leave the mountain.

I'm just looking forward to getting the deck all cleaned up from the winter winds and be able to put the patio furniture around and get some flowers planted and hope the hosta's I planted last year, come out better then when I first planted them last year. The flower boxes on the street in front of the stores, are all planted in spring flowers. I forget the name of the ones out now, but they are just so colourful and pretty and again, it sure lifts the spirits to see them. It's pretty out there on the patio, when everything is filled with summer. I love to read out there, or bring out the computer, and we have our dinner out there. We often have our breakfast on the bedroom patio where we can catch the morning sun. Ahhh come on summer, I'm ready for ya!

Tomorrow we are invited to dinner at a friends house, which will be nice because we cooked a ham the other day and I'm sick of eating ham sandwiches, ham and eggs, ham omelette, and I'm praying she doesn't serve ham!!! She doesn't have a computer so, I'm safe she's not reading this!!!

Well, that's about it!! Ohhh, yeah, we just talked to my Auntie Irene. Tom phoned to thank her for her birthday gift to him, which we are really enjoying!! She reads this faithfully, she's such a sweet Auntie. I have two wonderful aunts who read this. Colleen is also a faithful reader, and we are pleading with them to come out and visit this Spring/Summer. Come on ladies, before you get too old to get going on a grand adventure!! Just book a flight and we'll show you everything we can to make it an enjoyable time!! I promise I won't do any bear scares!! Trust me!!! Hee hee heee!!! Honestly....come on out!!

Love Linda

Picture of the day:
These are my two Aunties: Irene, full of devilment, heart of gold, understanding and always a comfort to me. Then my sister, Roxanne, who I love dearly, and Colleen, my other sweet Auntie, who I scared the living daylights out with the bear joke (yet to be told on here). These are both my mothers younger sisters. They look incognito with those sun glasses eh? Wonder who they are hiding from?

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  1. Now if you lived on this side of the water I'd pop in on you more than even YOU would want ;) !!!
    So ONE WEEK TODAY......hmm..what would that be???!!!
    The nice weather IS least that is what is suppose to happen.
    Keep writing!!!


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