Monday, February 18, 2008


Do you ever have days with your computer when you feel you could pull out your hair!!! Well, that's been my problem this past few days! See that picture above, well that's me!! Pulling my hair out, not to mention everything sagging!!

I've had a problem getting into the blog, to where I could get into my account. I don't know what the problem is, and maybe it's a variety of things! I've got Google Website on my desktop as well as Telus, for homepages. I was logged into Google Homepage, the kind you can make to suit what you want to see on your own page, and so after much fiddling around and checking Toms computer to see if I could get and I could, then I just happened to click it off and finally I could get into the site!
I've been downloading little Gifs and clip-art for this page, and wonder if I've loaded my computer too much with this stuff, but I did a defrag and I have lots of space on here. So, I don't know whats happened, but I'm here now!! Toms son is my "computer saviour", so I'll have to see if he will look it over for me AGAIN!! What would I do without him! So, hugs to Martin!!

I was just about to delete all my cookies, and so glad I didn't! I can get myself into such a mess!! I'm still having a hard time getting everything to work right!!

This is what our day in Vancouver was like today.Beautiful sunshine and warm. Tom walked the dog up to the Library and I drove the car, so I could pick up some prescriptions and stuff at the store on the way and then I met him there, put the dog in the car and swore, I wasn't going to get any new books, as I finished "TheBoelyn Inheritance" which was good, and now have three more of a series of books by the same author Phillippa Gregory.
However....I ended up checking 4 books out on Blogging and how to add different things to the site to make it more interesting. Lots of good tips and help, so I have much reading to do!!

Yesterday was Lisa's birthday and I couldn't get in here yesterday, so to Lisa my love....
I hope the sun shines on you, like the one posted on this page!! I wish you all the happiness in the world and most of all. I love you!!

Well our house is quiet now, the dog is sleeping on the couch, Batman is laying beside me, Tom is in his computer room, I have the music station on the television, and so, I'm going to close this off and go do some reading on how to make this an interesting place. Soon the cat will be calling me to come have a bath. I think he sets his internal clock and I know soon he will be sitting in front of the bathroom door, calling me. Then he lays and guards the door for intruders. TJ, comes in and gets a swat when he leaves. Yup....Batman just walked over to the bathroom and is meowing as we speak. I can't believe how these animals rule our lives!!

Picture of the day: This is a picture sent to me by Gwen, a friend in Capreol, Ontario, where I once lived, and there's the steeple of the church where I prayed "Oh Lord, let me pass the Math test!!"....and other things. We lived on this Street, which is Kelly St, just past the church.

Look at that snow, and that car parked in the snowbank. How'd you like to shovel that!!!


  1. HEY LINDA...........any price for being the 1000th person to view your blog???

  2. Hey Joan,
    I can't believe, I've kept everyones attenion this far!!Just hope it doesn't slow down and never ready 2000!!
    You said price, is that the same a prize. I have this stuffed, cute little bear, but you have to trade it up for a bigger prize by keep reading!! Linda

  3. OOPS..........where WAS my brain......I was just so excited to be the 1000th person to view your blog!!! Yes it is suppose to say PRIZE :)

    Also, I had meant to wish Lisa a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated), Lisa!!!

    Keep up the good work on your blog Linda!!


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