Friday, February 29, 2008


Hi on Leap Day!! Sounds kinda weird eh? Something like Hump Day! Oh well....
I'm sitting here, trying to outlast the annoying meowing of my brain dead cat!! Honestly, if he has brains, they must the size of a pea! The patio door is open, and he sits out on the balcony, beside the glass part, where only inches away, is the open door! He will sit and meow his head off, until I go and actually invite him in. Geeze, after I wrote that, I realized who has the pea for a brain!! "Invite him in!!" He does this all the time, and I'm not sure why he gets such a joy driving me nuts! So, I'm sitting her waiting him out!! He'll stop eventually, but until he does, it's like listening to a baby crying which is another thing that drives me bonkers!! I don't know how I survived motherhood and baby granchildren! I seem to have a adversion to some noise's and eventually some loud noises can drive me to tears.

The lady upstairs can't stand the school ground across from us, and has to leave her place when the children are in the playground. That's a background noise, I cease to hear and don't even think about, but one noise when we go to bed (around 10pm) is the sound of a basketball in the school ground bouncing up an down on the street. GRRRRRR!!! Ahhh, we all have our crosses to bear eh?

Today, I ironed and ironed!! Everyone says, "why iron, use the dryer!", but I don't because it's always a race with me and the dryer to see what is going to make my clothes too tight. Either I gain weight, or the heat from the dryer shrinks the clothes. When I'm losing weight, and my clothes are getting big, they get thrown in the dryer!! I've just gave away a big secret to Tom about how my diet is going!! Damn!!

After Toms eye appointment, which by the way, his cataract removal is doing excellent, we met at the Library, where I did it again...brought home a load, and still have a load here to read, and the ones I put on hold will soon be ready for pickup!! I can't read that fast, yet I can't help myself!! I want ALL the books!!

I picked up a coffee table book to browse through while waiting for Tom, and it was full of old tomb stones and old graveyards throughout Canada. Some from Belleville with the spectacular full length angel holding out a star, which is beautiful. The sayings on these old tomb stones was really interesting to read as well. It was was really a nice book to look at. They talked about what the different symbols would mean, such as the hands, or a broken chain, and the different type of stones. Then it went into how the old graveyards are being destroyed for new developments and freeways, and it's so sad that these people who once walked the earth, loved, had families and lived all through the old times are long forgotten. It had a story written by Hans Christian Anderson, called " The Old Gravestone", which is really quite nice to read. Just in case you are interested in reading it. Lot's of other neat stories there as well.

Guess what? The cat gave up and came in!! Now, he's curled up beside me in his bed and sleeping. I hope his throat hurts!!

Mikey got voted out of Survivor last night!! That means me and many other of us in the Survivor Pool are out some money! It's a hard guess who will win this one! One thing for sure, it won't be me with the pool anyway!!
I laughed at Woopie on The View this morning who when Elisabeth(who I can't stand!), confessed she wasn't a true blond, said "so the carpet doesn't match the drapes eh?" I never heard that saying before, and found it funny.
Okay, I'm out of things to say...can you tell???
Picture of the day
My sister Roxanne and my Nephew Chris (my brother's son). Arn't they cute!!

Thought for the day:
Here is a test to find out whether your mission in life is complete.If you're alive, it isn't.


  1. Good going didn't let Batman win!........BUT how the heck did you get into Batman's bed???
    That's a VERY NICE picture of Roxanne and your nephew!!!

  2. Happy Leap Year Day to you too!

    Ahh Batman's a good ol'cat and you love him to bits! (and he's probably chuckling every time you get up and open the door for him).
    Sam xo


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