Thursday, February 14, 2008


Me again! With absolutely nothing to say! Surprising eh?

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day today, and had some nice surprises. Tom woke up, looked in the bathroom mirror to a little love saying, wrote in lipstick! That was his Valentine for today. Mine was a trip to Tim Horton's to splurge and forget my diet and have a plain doughnut!! Good enough for me and just as much fun! Then we had a delicious ham supper, here at home. I forgot the candles and wine. I just wanted to get supper over with, get the dishes done and settle down to watch Survivor and hopefully the people I picked in the pool, isn't kicked out tonight.

Tom went to the chiropractor's, while I took the dog to the park for a walk. That was about the whole day!

Soon, I'll get on to some good stories to tell you about, but for the moment, I'm just not in the mood. Some sad personal things going on, with my family, that for the moment, have me feeling sort of like something the cat dragged home. So, hang in with me and give me some time and I'll be back to being chatty Cathy again. Life will sort itself out in time, it's just getting to that time, that's difficult. But, I'll try to write a few things each day and try to keep this blog interested to those reading it. Thanks so much, for reading it, because as those numbers on the counter continue to climb, I'll keep on writing and doing this also helps me with things too.

Picture of the day:

Looking out our dining room patio door.

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    We don't have snow in Ladner ;)
    I hope you feel better after your Survivor show.......I'm glad that is one show I haven't got hooked on.....Heather and Kevin watch it all the time too. From one of the students on our bus I hear this is the Champions vs the Fans.....sounds interesting. ENJOY!!! And good luck with the pool on the show.


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