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It's that "love" time of year again! Candy hearts, marshmellow and chocolate hearts, roses, big heart shaped valentine boxes of goodies, wine, dinner's out, and cupid's bow aiming and hitting at someones heart. Then there's those that can only remember those good fun times, and don't have anyone to love, or to receive a token of love. That loved person may have passed away, either through death or through a break-up, which can only leave one with a broken heart. Or maybe someone has never felt love. It's not a good time for everyone to see those red hearts everywhere and for those people without love today, I hope you feel love from somewhere!
For me, I've been extremely lucky to have had love all my life. Wonderful friends, family, people who have passed through my life, and filled my heart with love and joy. I especially have one wonderful person in my life now, who fills my heart with so much love, my heart overflows!! To him, my wonderful husband, I love you, not only on this day, but every day, more then the day before and will love you more tomorrow and every day ahead of us.
My fondest memories of Valentine's Day was when I was in about Grade 2 or 3 and we all had to decorate a box of some kind, and pack a lunch in it and then it went on a table in the classroom . Lunch time, we would all draw a number to see in which order we went, to pick a box from all the beautiful and different shaped boxes. No names were on the boxes. I can remember mom helping me for hours, while she pleated a ribbon all around the box, added some pretty lace and then we cut up her old valentine cards and decorated it. It was so beautiful, I didn't want to part with it. The person who got to pick first was the little boy, I had such a crush on, and he picked MY box!!! Ohhhh, it was love I was feeling that moment!! Talk about my thumping heart in my chest!! I told him after it was from me and he said he knew it! I was in love!!! I sat and watched him eat every goody that mom had carefully made and placed in the box. So on the way home, he was walking ahead of me and I caught up with him and asked him for a kiss. He refused!!! So, I actually tackled him to the ground and made him kiss me!!! Hahahahah!! I wonder if that little guy remembers that day? I never changed through the years either, I was always chasing after little boys!! Some I caught, some ran like hell!!
Remember the lovely valentines, that would be in Woolworths and you bought so many for five or ten cents. They were so much prettier then those horrible action figure hero ones they put out today.
One incident that sticks out on my mind as I write this, is how last year, Tom had taken me to China Town, and as we walked along the busy streets, there was this lad of about 12, who was obviously mentally challenged, as he was sweeping the streets with an chunk of cardboard, but he kept saying over and over in a sobbing and heartbreaking voice, "Nobody loves, me, Nobody loves me". I was going to stop and put my arms around him and tell him I loved him, but I was pushed along by the crowd and when I told Tom I wanted to go back and hug him and tell him I loved him, Tom said, it may not be a good idea as there is no telling what he may do, and in today's world, you really don't know. So, I just watched him with a sick and helpless feeling in my stomach, wishing and hoping he had a home with love. Some sights in a large city are so sad to see.

So to all of those of you reading this, I hope you feel my love for you, coming through my fingers, onto this screen for YOU! Each and everyone of you have made my life wonderful and I love you all. Happy Valentine Day!!!

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  1. Good one Linda! Wonder where that young boy is now that you tackled to the ground...hahahaha! What you want - you get!!

    Sure I feel the love and guess what - the sun is shining (although it's still COLD!!)

    I remember those lovely cards and I remember Woolworths fondly..loved the one in O.S. cause it had inclining wooden floor and wonderful aromas - especially around the candy section!

    Auntie I


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