Sunday, March 2, 2008


On we go into another month! I can't believe there are so many supportive people out there, commenting and encouraging me with this blog. I see the numbers rising, yet have no idea who is reading about this and that and other things. But, I thank you dearly for your comments and it's really giving me a sort of hobby, that I really do enjoy....writing. I know my grammar leaves much to be desired, but at 64, you kinda lose that ability to remember all those rules of literature. I've thought of maybe taking a writing course, but fear, I'd appear too stupid in class when it was revealed how little I know or remember. So, if you can put up with my bad grammar, I'll keep on writing as long as the numbers rise.
Yesterdays blog was a hard one to write, not because it was sentimental, but because of the little time I had yesterday. Once Patrick, e-mailed me, that this was the 20th anniversary of his father's, (my brother's) death. I know how much this blog would mean to Patrick, so between Roxanne and her friend Michelle, we went into action to get pictures and get them scanned and quite a few phone calls regarding scanning problems and how to solve it. Then, I had so many problems adding pictures , and I added so many!! Every time I add a picture, I have to re-arrange the whole page from start to finish, and it's time consuming and very frustrating. We had to go out last night as well, so I did some before we left, and then I was up until 1:30am trying to finish it when we got home.
Last night we went to Meredith's (Tom's daughter), my step-daughters, big 50!! It was a surprise birthday party at a wonderful Greek restaurant in Ladner. Twenty people from both Dave and Meredith's family, plus friends, showed up to celebrate with her. What a surprise it was too!! She was in tears, but tears of happiness. She's a lovely girl and I felt so badly that after she had a birthday dinner for me, just a few day's earlier, that I forgot her birthday, which was on Feb. 28! So did her father!!! We felt just awful, but I think it was the birthday party surprise that threw us. So Mer, we beg your forgiveness, it was awful of us, after your wonderful hospitality for me!! So, we wish you a wonderful year ahead and from the looks of all the signs, it's going to be a very memorial one for you!! Meredith and Dave are selling their homes, buying a new one and getting married in June!! Meredith becomes a step-mother herself and gains not only a wonderful man, but two great children. We wish you all the best!!!

This dinner last night was delicious. I never ate lamb before BC (that's not "Before Christ), I'm not THAT old!! I'm sure all of you know exactly what it means.

But I had rack of lamb and ohhh man, was it delicious. Add mint jelly and it's fantastic!! We never ate it when we were growing up and I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, because Dad would always say it taste like mutton and old wool. But I tasted a nibble of Tom's one night, at this same restaurant and I could have traded plates with him for my fish and chips! Delicious!
Then, not only was the meal delicious, but we were entertained by a belly dancer!! Wow, could she move those hips! What a beautiful dance, and of course she really played it up with the men, by draping her silk scarf around their necks and swivelling her hips! The men would get up and be good sports, dancing with her and tucking money into her garment. It was a fun time!

Today, I went for a walk along the sea wall with Marlene, who lives just above us. Marlene has lived above us for just a little over a year and I never got to know her until late in the Fall. She just sold her place to move back to Ontario, as she found it so difficult to find friends here!! To think, I was downstairs, wishing I had more friends and missing my friends at home. So, we both are a bit sad, we found a friend in each other, when she only has until the end of May to remain in BC. She's moving back to Ottawa!

Well, my blog is on the short side tonight, I'm tired, still have to make dinner and I just want to put the computer down for the night and watch TV and relax and visit with my husband.
So, goodnight all and keep the counter climbing!! Love Linda

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