Monday, March 3, 2008


This is the way I'm feeling today, and don't I look a winner!! It's one of those miserable, dull, rainy days that when you look out, ya just feel like "YUK!"

So Tom and I have been staying in, reading, napping, eating tarts and tea, playing on the computer and when I finish this, I'm going back to lay on the bed and read.

I hate reading on the bed, and miss my big, deep and comfy warm, rocking chairs that I had in my house in Belleville where I could crawl into with my whole body, or throw one leg over the arm and my other on the ottoman and just be comfy and warm and rock away! These chairs are NOT reading chairs, they are what I call "visiting chairs!" Uncomfortable and people don't stay long in them, before wanting to leave. I've been on a campaign to replace the chairs, but somebody I know who lives here too, just can't be bothered about them, no matter how I complain about how they squeek and move about!

Ohhh, did I also mention bitchy in describing the type of day it is, in the second sentence, above?

Lot's of response from the blog on John, however, nothing from his son or daughter, so feeling much disappointed about that, as it was for them that I did it. Ohh well!!

I just made appointments to get my hair cut tomorrow, maybe that will cheer me up and bring me back into the world of the living! Also physicals on Friday, of which I detest, because you ladies know what that involves!!! Poor Linda! Sucks to be me!

Well seeing as nothing much has happened today and my mind isn't wandering, which can be entertaining most times, it's pretty empty of thought today. I suppose, I'll just sign off and say see ya all tomorrow!
Picture of the Day...actually four of them!

This is Roxanne's Halloween Costume she made, one Oct. 31st. a few years back. Isn't she cute in it!!

This is Erin, my daughter in another Halloween night. She went as Methusela

Another of Erin, close up! I don't know if Methusela is spelled right, but she was the "Snake Lady"

This is Brad and his nutty Grandmother who when Halloween came, Brad felt he was too old to go out and trick or treat, so I made us both get dressed up for fun, and it was probably his most memorable Halloween night he will remember for a life time!! We had so much fun, as we giggled and bent over laughing so hard as we walked down the street. I couldn't see out of those tiny eyes and it was a sweat house in that mask, and Brad led me through every bush, and low hanging branch he could find.Told me to take a step up, when there was no step, and he'd laugh, and I had to pee so bad, I had to hold myself. Great memories eh Brad!! I loved that night with you.

Thought for the day:

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

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