Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's Easter 2008, and I wish you all a very happy one, with loved one's near, a delicious meal and many chocolate goodies and most of all...A Happy Heart!

Of course there is also the religious aspect that the meaning of Easter is all about, that we can't forget and for those that may not believe, then, get over it, this is my blog and my belief!
"Now back to lighter things!"

I have all these wonderful graphics I've been seaching for days for, and once today is over, I can't use them anymore, so just sit back and enjoy them!

Yesterday, we we're invited to Isabelle and Ken's (Tom's sis, and husband) for dinner. Belle, loves to entertain, and loves to present her dinner in appealing and fancy ways, and she never disappoints! The table was set up beautiful, with a very cute centerpiece of baskets of pansies, birds and Easter eggs scattered here and there. Dinner was all served on one huge platter, with delicious rack of lamb, new potatoes, carrots left whole with just the tip of the leaves left on, buttery, tender asparagus as well. The whole meal was tasty, tender and delicious!! Dessert was strawberrys in liquour and little cups of chocolate filled with Baileys. MMMMM GOOD!
So to you both....Thanks so much!! It was a delightful, entertaining evening filled with great conversation and many laughs and super company!

Tonight.....we're eating this ham spread we bought at the supermarket, served on chiapata's...toasted of course!!! Maybe even a pickle on the side!! No fancy centerpiece, and no dessert! Ahhh well....back to life!

Now this would make a nice centerpiece eh? There are so many cute things out for all the different holidays now. My favourite place to shop is Home Sense. I love that place, however, I just browse, because if I buy anything, I have absolutely no place to use it, then store it. Our condo is filled up, and small. I used to love shopping and really loved yardsales!! Man, I'd be out the door at 7am for the good deals and come home with the trunk loaded. My girlfriend Betty, from back home, even bought a truck for yardsales!! She was a diehard at it! I would like to go from about 7-10 am and figured the best deals were gone after that, but she'd still be at it at 3 o'clock! She'd wear me to a frazzle!!!
Today's blog is going to be way out of whack and you will have to scoll way down, I expect, until you find yesterdays. I just can't drag and drop the images and pictures, I have to re-arrange the whole darn page, but I'm patient, so just keep scrolling until you catch up.

Well, I think I should finish this off and get myself dressed and go take the dog and myself for a walk. The sun decided to come out, so I'll take the camera and shoot some sites as I walk along

To my family back in Ontario, I love you all, wish you a very Happy Easter and I miss you so much it hurts!! You are all always on my mind and forever in my heart every minute of the day!

Love with all my heart....Mom, and Grandma!

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  1. HAPPY EASTER, LInda & Tom!!!
    The pictures you put on your blog are really cute!!!
    You guys seemed to have found a really luxurious restaurant.....Isabelle puts on quite the spread!!! Is Ken the butler;)
    Have a great Easter!


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