Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter Saturday

Ohhhhhh, looks like the Easter Bunny has been here!!

Yup, that NASTY Rabbit HAS been here and having a little fun too!!!
Well, I hope wherever you are, that the sun is out and you have all your Easter goodies, for dinner all bought and you are home from the busy stores, busy, planning your Easter menu!
Here, in Vancouver, it's a lovey day, the sun is shining, but not real hard, and it's a tad cool, but then again, Spring doesn't arrive until Thursday, and if it's not getting any warmer by then, we can all start complaining!!

I have some great memories of Easter when we were kids. There we're 4 of us, as most of you already know by now, but I remember the the Easter, number 4 arrived!

That's the youngest member of our family, sitting in her little chair. My sister Roxanne!

I was 6 years old when she arrived. John, Mike and I had been staying at Mom and Dad's friend's home, while Mom was in having "our" baby! Dad came to their house very early in the morning to wake us up, and tell us the news, and I can remember rushing downstairs to where Dad waited, still in his Police uniform. I flew into his arms and he asked me if I wanted a baby brother or a baby sister. I wanted a sister so bad, I knew, I'd cry if it was another boy...I already had two of them and that sure was enough!!

It was a baby girl! How exciting, When can I go see her? Where is she? Where is Mom? Can I come home now? Does she cry much? On and on it went! Then Dad asked me what I wanted to call her. I can't remember if I had any suggestions, so he said, how about "Roxanne". I guess it was all pre-determined what the baby was to be called, but it was nice to have had a choice (as if!) What if I wanted to call her something like the kind of names, my grandchildren at that age, called their pets, of which one cat, I did inherited...."Batman!" Do you think my Father would have gone for that?

I could have called her "Batty" all her life! Actually, she ended up with not only her beautiful name, but the name "SAM." My own kids when they arrived, many eons later, couldn't say Roxanne, just, "Sam", so that name stuck with her. But Roxanne, Sam, or Batty, I'm glad you arrived to become my little sister, although their were time's, when I had to babysit you when I wanted to go off and play with my friends, when, I'd pinch you to make you bawl, so I could take you home to Mom, with me all innocent, not knowing why you were crying!

Everyone today, get's their Easter eggs in baskets, but when we we're small, we used our hats!! We'd lay them all out on the sidboard, in the dining room and in the morning, we'd come running to see what the Easter Bunny had brought us!! Now we didn't get the usual kind of Easter Eggs. We had very, very special and different eggs then any of our friends had. Dad, knew someone, who made chocolates and he had given Dad some of his old Easter egg molds and a pile of chocolate and told him how to make Easter eggs. Well, our eggs were the most beautiful eggs, I've ever seen and I honestly remember how I didn't want to bite into any of them and spoil thier beauty. Dad, also had a talent for decorating. (Dad had many talents that I can remember when we were kids, that those stories will come out on Father's Day, when I write about him), but he knew how to make those beautiful roses made out of sugar icing, and how to decorate them with that hard icing all around the eggs and then lovely decorations of lily of the valley on some, some had bows wrapped around them, other's had little cats, with pussy willow's for their bodies. (hard to explain that one, but it worked). Then, for mom, he made a special egg, that was spectacular. It would be almost the size of a football and decorated so beautiful, it would take my breath away. Now they were Easter Eggs!

However you spend your Easter, I wish you a day filled with joy and love, I hope the sun is shining and you can get out and enjoy the day with family and if not, then with a big bowl of chocolate eggs and even get to eat off a solid chocolate bunny ear!! Yummmm.

Happy Easter


  1. One nice thing about getting older is the memories we have created along the way.

    I feel sorry for this generation because life is so fast. Families are separated by miles and cousins don't grow up together anymore. Love and effort, like what your Dad did with the Easter eggs, just doesn't happen very often. We run out to the stores and buy everything. Thanks for sharing your memories, they have stirred some of my own.


  2. Happy Easter!
    The sun is shining brightly here in Ontario...a beautiful Easter morning!

    Yep....I remember coming home with Mom and Dad from the hospital when I was born...heh heh. I was so glad to be your sister that I left you a little chocolate egg!

    I really AM glad to be your sister and it would be fun to be there today to share some REAL chocolate.

    Hope you and Tom have a lovely day.
    Sam xoxo

  3. I'm a day late but wanted to comment on the chocolates and your baby sister's birth.

    Your Dad's chocolates were spectacular - I even got some and I didn't want to eat them either but somehow they disappeared.

    I remember the wonderful Baby Shower Mom gave for your Mom. I didn't have a clue where babies came from ( my Mom told me from under the cabbage plant) and that seemed to satisfy me LOL!! But I remember the shower with all the ladies present and me, lapping everything up, eating all the great food, listening to all the laughter and playing really fun games like cootie, which I'd never played before.

    Lots of excitement when Roxanne was born, but let's face it Linda, she really spoiled our fun when she came along because you were always looking after her.

    She's grown up now so she's okay..hahaha,,,just kidding Girls.

    Auntie I


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