Monday, March 31, 2008


Outta bed and out the door by 8:15! Was I heading to the gym, (remember that New Years forgotten resolution) well, it's still forgotten, I went to do what they used to call "bloodletting", I got rid of some blood! Not donated to the blood bank, (I'm much to chicken for that!) but to the medical lab to check out if I'm going live or die. Actually, it's just the usual yearly physical. Then I had to hang about until the grocery store opened to pick up some bread for breakfast, and then I trudged on home. It was chilly when I left and I even had my gloves on, but by the time I was walking home, it was fantastic out, and the sun was bright and warm

We had breakfast, then Tom went off to the chiropractor (he says it's helping) and then I took the dog and walked over to meet him so that both the dog and I got some exercise. I ended up walking with this nice lady, who lives across the road and we chatted and walked together and she's invited me over for tea this week and gave me her phone number. So, I'll take her up on it and go for tea before the week is over.

After we picked up Tom, we decided to give this GPS a try out and see if I could follow it. Well, if anyone else had been in the car with us, they would have wondered who was going to be up first for murder. It was either Tom or me, or Jill, who talks on the GPS, who's life was in danger at times! Jill (GPS) would tell me to go in a round about direction to our destination, then Tom , who knows Vancouver like the back of his hand would override Jill's direction. So, after much confusion as to if I should listen to Jill or to Tom and a few choice curse words coming from my mouth and much frustration as well, we finally arrived at our destination. We just had to sit there a moment and laugh at the whole trip! Tom said, "well you wanted the GPS", and I complained this friggin city doesn't have enough signs to tell me where I am.

What we were looking for was an Italian Food Outlet. I had seen it on Saturday when I was out with the girls, so "thought" I knew where it was. Anyway, we found it, and had a look around at everything there, all written in Italian, but quite a impressive place and it looked like a castle and it sure was busy! Jane, you would have loved it there, and we need you to interpret!

Then we set Jill to take us to the closest Tim Hortons, and after a few more directions from my other co-pilot, we ended up for a much needed coffee break! MY FAVOURITE PLACE!

We got back in the car, turned on the GPS, and hit HOME, and headed out of the parking lot. Poor Jill, we never go where she wants us to go and she's become like a real person to us and we are almost apologizing to this voice, especially when she says in a "these dummies, type of voice", RECONFIGURING! She sounds so tired of these these two people she's in the car with.

Anyway, we got home, we are both alive, still talking, and the car is without dents and in one piece, and although it was a little hairy, we had a few chuckles at each other, so that was worth it all. Tom has sooo much patience!! I just love this guy to pieces!

Tonight, I'm suppose to go to Newcomer's book club, which because it's being held at Marlene's who lives directly above us, I may go up. I've never been to a book club, so it will be interesting to see what it's all about. We are discussing the book, Eat, Pray, Love. I read it awhile back, so hope I can remember what it was about. The book I'm reading, World Without End, the sequel to Pillars of the Earth is just tooooo boring to read past the 100 pages I kept reading and hoping that it was going to get better, but it hasn't, so I think I'll chuck it and go find myself something more interesting. Anyone got any good suggestions?

This sunshine is suppose to last all week, so I may rent the rug scrubber this week and get at the deck outside and get everything put back in place to enjoy for summer. The garden places are starting to bring in plants and getting the planters done will be next. Then all these big windows have to be washed, so I think I'm going to be busy for awhile!

That's Tom out there!, I'm on the inside pointing out spots he missed! Ha!!!
Picture of the day: It's SPRING and even the birds know it!!!

Thought of the day: I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment, while I was hoeing in a village garden, and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance that I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn. ~Henry David Thoreau


  1. Hi Linda,

    TOM, TOM, TOM.........the suppose to be used INSTEAD of you giving directions;) For YOU it can just be an ADVENTURE,(sit, relax, enjoy the ride) but for Linda she needs to learn how to use it and follow it's directions for when you are NOT in the car :)
    Sounds like you guys had FUN & that's the main thing!!!
    I am expecting to see you out this way one day Linda.
    Have a great evening!!!!

  2. I had a good laugh reading about your day's adventure...glad I wasn't behind you anywhere on your journey, while you were deciding whose directions to take.

    Jill sounds like a fun gal, long as you get on the good side of her.

    Auntie I

  3. Oh it sounds like THAT car ride would have been hilarious! I can just hear you two now! Or...(reconfiguring) 'three' rather. Poor Jill.
    Joan has the best idea (sorry TOM) have to get out on your own with Jill. Too bad you don't have another could put Jill to the test. Both leave at the same time...and see who gets there first.

    Sam xoxo


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