Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sunday in Vancouver

Hello on Sunday and I hope your day was wonderful. Ours was quiet and we both had little snooze. Afterall, isn't this suppose to be a day of rest?
Nothing much interesting to tell you about today, as nothing happened!

About a month ago, I met Pat in at the Alia store at the mall and she had just bought this beautiful faded sort of looking flowered jack of soft rose and purple. She bought it and it was the only one her size in the store. Yesterday on our Outlet shopping, Patricia, had the same jacket on when I came out of a stall from trying on something. She looked stunning in it with her colouring and just brightened up her whole face. So, with that, she had to buy it. Then Reta found the same jacket in her size and tried it on and just loved it!! They, then decided, I HAD to have the same dressy jacket so we can wear them all at once to the Red Hat event next month when we go to the Horse Races.

We ended up going to a few more outlet malls that carried the jacket and no luck. Well that tenacious Pat, went off all over Vancouver this morning looking everywhere she could for the jacket and called me a little while ago with the voice of victory!! He had one!!! What a girl!

So, I guess we are all wearing the same outfit for a laugh and plan to reserve a table just for us. What we don't do for a giggle. It is a nice jacket and I'm sure I will get loads of wear in it, but I sure didn't need a new dress jacket. But it was half price, so it's all good!

Today was sunny and bright, but a cold wind. We just stayed up in our ivory tower and let the world go by. I hoped to read more of the Sequel to Pillars of the Earth, but I'm on page 100/10000 and I'm still waiting for the story to get moving. There are so many names to remember, as they keep talking about who is ancestors of the first book and I can't keep up with all these Knights and Priors and Kings! So, it's all I can do to pick it up. However, I'll plug away at it.

We had an early dinner tonight, so I'll get all comfy in bed and read some more, only it's such a thick heavy book, I can hardly hold it up!

Lisa's life seems to be coming together the way she wishes it to be. She's happy and I suppose that's the main thing. She's leaving behind so much, but other then her family, the other things are only material things and can be replaced.

Richard seem's to be coping well and I hope to keep him as my son in law. I think the world of him and just wish I had the means to just make his world all right again.
Divorce is a nasty thing!!
The boys are managing with the changes in their lives but I do worry about them.

Happy Belated Birthday Bette Boop (alias Betty B)

I was talking to my old and I don't mean old as in age, but old in for as long as we've been friends. I think I was 10 or 12 years old when we began enjoying each other's company. ( I guess the age 'old' applies as well eh? We lost touch for awhile and then found ourselves living in the same city and our friendship renewed itself and to this day, she's still one of my favourite pals. I don't know how, I thought this next month was her birthday but I goofed and BIG TIME!!

So, my wonderful friend Betty, I wish you a wonderful year!! I'm sorry I forgot...shame on me for forgetting!
She's always been Bette Boop to me!!!

Picture of Day: Tom and I were at the very back of the ship " The Volendam" on our Panama Canal Trip. It was a hot day, and beautiful day as took a side trip cruising through Gulfo Dulce. The Rain Forest It was so beautiful, so lush and so wild. Unihabited by only a very few little camps we could see nestled into the trees. I couldn't imagine living there!!! We also seen a few alligators, and monkeys, that was fun to see.

Thought for the Day: Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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  1. Can't wait to see photos of all of you in your red jackets!
    Sam xoxo


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