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Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday gets its name from the custom of blessing palms and of carrying portions of branches in procession, in commemoration of the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The custom may be traced back at least to the 4th century. Many churches save palm leaves used during Palm Sunday services and later burn them. They use the ashes in Ash Wednesday services the following Lenten season.


Did everyone head off to church this morning on Palm Sunday? We didn't either, I'm using being sick as our excuse!
But, old beliefs are easy to remember as they become imbeded in our minds with all the other good memories that begin in childhood, with our parents hope, that they will always remain with us forever. Reading about Palm Sunday this morning, I've discovered that not only the Catholic Church does the ritual of the palms, but many places around the world is also celebrating with reverence the beginning of Easter Week.

I can remember as a child coming so proudly home with my palms and sticking them behind the picture of the Sacred Heart in my bedroom, right next to some half nude movie star, (whose picture was also up on the wall, I didn't mean, a half nude movie star was standing there.....oh my goodness , all my holiness, may have been down the drain that very second!)But, having the blessed palms up behind the Sacred Heart, filled my wee heart with the goodness it was intended. I'm trying to be serious here, but the devil is creeping in and I can't stop thinking about the half nude!! Wonder what child star I was into then.....ohhhh geeeze....I remember now. Get ready, because you are going to laugh!!! It was......are you ready!
Ohhh was I in love with this man. But when I think of it now, I don't believe, I ever seen a half nude picture of him ever in my life, nor did I ever think of him as nude. He was all I had on the wall though. I was kinda one weird teenager eh? However, remember the era...nothing like today where everyone of those teeny bopper stars are always either half nude or showing ALL they have. If Perry Como had been in my bedroom, I think after I got over the shock, I would have sat him down and asked him to sing"Pick a magic star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day". Ohhhh to go back in time and know yesterday what we know today! My next thought would of been "How in the heck do I get him out of my bedroom unseen??"

Anyway, our colds have taken a turn for the better and we are beginning to think, we don't need to measure each other for a casket...not yet anyway. We've gone through every box of kleenex we own, only have 1/2 roll of toilet paper that was our backup, so better get some soon. Our throats feel like we swallowed the desert, it's so dry from coughing up junk....getting too graphic here eh? But, we are going to live and so life goes on!!
Tomorrow is my favourite day of the year..St. Patricks Day!!! You have to know and understand my family to know why! I'll tell you tomorrow!!
Until then enjoy the rest of your day and if it's practically over then....

Picture of the day: Kind of sneaking in early with this one! Tom, Linda, Joan and Martin and of course who else but TJ, wearing the green also!!
Thought for the day: "I am exploring for the first time in my life, the amazing wonderland known as senility!"


  1. I'd forgotten about you liking dear Perry...boy, were you weird! Gotta laugh out of your antics with the palm leaf...good try Linda but you little devil self always pokes through.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the bear and so glad to hear you don't need to order caskets hahaha...nice to learn you're both on the mend.

    Sending you a nice big green kiss and hug. Going out to Mickey's and we'll drink some green beer tonight I'll bet. (Plus lose all my money!)


  2. ohhhhhhhh, I loved Perry Como too.

    I saw the last concert he did and the greedy money makers that had him do it should be shot. He clearly didn't know all the words to the songs and at times he looked like he didn't even know were he was.

    Get better soon.


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