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Beware the Ides of March and more

and a little history lesson for you

Ides of March
If you've heard the warning, "Beware the Ides of March," then it's probably due to the works of William Shakespeare. The Roman ruler, Julius Caesar, was assassinated on the Ides of March - March 15, 44 B.C.E. In Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, a soothsayer tells Caesar who is already on his way to the Senate (and his death), "Beware the ides of March." Caesar replies, "He is a dreamer, let us leave him. Pass."
[Shakespeare was Saint Germain who was Z!]
According to historical writer C.J.S. Thompson in The Mystery and Romance of Astrology, the unidentified soothsayer from Shakespeare's play was a Roman astrologer by the name of Spurinna.
According to Thompson (and confirmed in Plutarch's account of the story written in 75 A.C.E) it was sometime prior to the fateful day of March 15 that Spurinna had first given Caesar the famous warning to "beware of the Ides of March." The astrologer, Spurinna, had warned Caesar that on the Ides of March, he would be in great danger. If, however, Julius Caesar took care on that one day - then all would be well.
According to Plutarch's account, Caesar had previously made the wise decision to stay within the safety of his bedroom chambers on the 15th of March. However, Caesar's "friend" Decimus (Albinus) Brutus (not Marcus Brutus) managed to convince him that the astrologer's warnings were nothing more than superstitious foolishness.
So Julius Caesar decided to attend the Senate on the 15th of March. On his way to the Senate, Caesar "accidentally" met up with the astrologer.
Upon seeing the astrologer, Caesar confidently informed Spurinna: "The Ides of March are come." Spurinna answered, "Yes, they are come, but they are not past." Later that day - on March 15, 44 B.C.E - Caesar's enemies assassinated him in the Pompey theater, at the foot of Pompey's statue, where the Roman Senate was meeting that day in the temple of Venus.
What Are the Ides?
Another theory, as to why Caesar might have seemingly been ignoring the ominous warning of Spurinna, is that perhaps Julius Caesar got the dates of the warning mixed up. He may have been thinking that the Ides of March fell on the 13th. In the ancient Roman calendar, each of the 12 months had an "ides." In March, May, July and October, the ides fell on the 15th day. In every other month, the ides fell on the 13th.
The word "ides" was derived from the Latin "to divide." The ides were originally meant to mark the full moon - but since the solar calendar months and lunar months were of different lengths, the ides quickly lost their original intent and purpose. Using this theory, forgetful Caesar would have been very careful and stayed home on the 13th of March, but on the 15th of March his guard was down. (Idiot!)
Now, to tell you why I gave you the history lesson! Because, Tom and I are both still VERY sick and have no energy, and can't do anything but lay here and moan! Tom is worse then I am. Mine is worse in the morning and at night. Other then that, I can get some chores done. But Tom, is just one weakend mess!! The Biaxin or either the puffer the doctor gave him, seem to make him throw up, or maybe it's jut part of the illness! But believe me folks, this must be one of those SUPER bug, because we feel SUPER awful.


This is how Tom looks and feels today!! Our cough seems to be getting better, and his weezing in the chest is gone, but other then that, he's just plain not well. Our friends Bill and Dianne who developed this about a week before we did told us that Bill is on his last 2 Biaxin pills is still not 100 percent but feeling much better. So we have a way to go yet!So, with that, tally-ho on Saturday and hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

Ohhh, nearly forgot this most wonderful surprise this morning!! It made my day!! Lynn, my friend from Belleville called, all concerned after reading the post, asking if we were going to survive.
Thanks so much for calling Lynn, and cheering me up, which is badly needed!! What a pal!!
I really enjoyed our chat!!! more word. Bill who I mentioned is also sick, called me while Tom was sleeping and told me to go put a tape measure beside him in bed, so that when Tom woke and asked me what that was for, I could say I was waiting for him to wake up and uncurl his legs, so I could measure him for a casket!! Sick humour, but I did and Tom got a chuckle out of it!! Nobody in BC seems to lose their sense of humor, when half dead!

Picture of the Day: This is my Auntie Colleen who lives in St. Catharines, and also Roxanne, my sister. Colleen is the sweetest person you can imagine. Not a mean bone in her body. I didn't inherit that trait from my dear Colleen!! Maybe I'll do the bear story nextweek. Anyone want to hear that one!! It's a real hum dinger of a story, that I near had to pay a funeral for!!! It also shows how myself and my sister can be so horrible at times, even if we have innocent faces!!!
Thought to Ponder: Why do scientists call it research when they are looking for something new?

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