Thursday, March 27, 2008

THURSDAY and all is peaceful.

All is at Peace
This is such a beautiful picture that I love!
Wouldn't be wonderful if all God's creatures, including us humans got along like this!
What a wonderful world it would be!

Well, we haven't done very much today, so far and it's noon! Tom is still in his robe, and complaining he has indigestion, and I want him to take a dose of baking soda to get rid of it and then we can go to Whole Foods for a bowl of their delicious soup! Yes....I'm sure it's just indigestion, I'm not trying to kill the poor man!!
I just looked down on the street and there was a squirrel running across the road. It dawned on me that I don't often see squirrels here. Then I got remembering the many freaking squirrels, around my house at home and how I cursed them. (So much for my little saying of God's creatures getting along eh? But these little monsters, drove me insane!! They were everywhere. The whole neighbourhood was complaining about them digging up bulbs they had planted in the garden and eating and chewing other plants. They all wondered who the heck was feeding them peanuts because everyone had peanuts buried in holes in their garden and lawns. But, I found out one day when I complained to my next door neighbour, Edith (are you reading this Edith?), that it was her feeding them and she loved them!! She loved ALL of God's creatures, I just hate squirrels!!
They managed to dig a hole up on the roof, beside a chimney that was once for the fireplace downstairs in the basement, that I had drywalled in, because I didn't want the tenant down there using a fireplace for safety and insurance sake. They were getting in, coming down the wall and into where the electrical panel was downstairs in the tenants bedroom. They hadn't been able to get into the rest of the house AS YET!! So, I became a trapper!! I borrowed traps and set them in the driveway, and loaded them with a piece of bread with peanut butter on it. I caught one the first morning, before I went to work. It was clawing and freaking out in the cage, and I was freaking out, wondering what the heck to do now!! I heard if you take them just a few blocks away and release them, they will be back before you do! So, I took this little creature, very carefully, using the broom handle to stick into the handles of the cage and lifted it into the trunk of my car and drove to work. I let them off a couple of miles away in a beautiful park like setting with lots of trees and other squirrels and skunks. (this is where the city took problem skunks and released them also.) I took them to the College!! I was terrified getting it back out of the trunk of the car and almost made it to the ground before the cage slipped off the broom handled and rolled a few times on the ground. Poor squirrel...but it served him right!! By this time, I knew he was a very MAD squirrel, so I looked around for some help (Some man who MIGHT be braver then me). But, I was always early to work and nobody was around, so I gingerly tried to release the catch with the broom handle, and thinking once he went out of the cage, I'd turn the broom around and use it as a bat to keep him away from me But, soon as that cage door opened up, he was gone faster the the speed of sound!! Yikes..was I relieved!
Anyway, over the course of a week, I managed to trap 7 squirrels and release them in the same spot to join their buddies, sweethearts, mothers, whatever!! All happy little friends and families re-united and happy in a beautiful place! However, just when I'm thinking, I had them all, my tenant, who is terrified of squirrels called at 5 am and said one was in the electrical panel. So, I went down, and he'd been chewing on the electrical wires right to the bare wires!! Scary stuff!!
I put the trap,which just fit, into the panel area, baited it and waited, and within 10 minutes, as we stood there quietly, listening to it move down the wall, we could hear it entering the cage and then SLAM...the door went shut!! Boy was it mad and chattering away loudly. I opened the door, while the tenant, ran hiding in the bathroom, until I removed the little pest. By this time, I was an old pro and even thought, maybe, I'd take on a second job, trapping!! Started to wonder what a squirrel pelt would fetch! Thought, I should get myself a Davey Crocker coon skin hat!! What the heck, I was already getting the reputation on the street of the "Squirrel Lady!". I didn't very much like that label. People may take it as me being nuts, eh??
Finally, I got someone to fix the hole on the roof and the squirrels were ALL gone and all was wonderful again, except for Edith, who was left with a whole big bag of peanuts and no freaking squirrel to feed them too!!! So sad, too bad, Edith's mad and I'm na na na NA na!!!

They only look cute, but they are like little vermim, flea ridden, disease ridden little rats!!!

So, that's my squirrel story! Gosh, what I do to keep you readers entertained!! I'm writing this blog early, so I can go read my book, or else, we are going out to explore with the GPS, and then tonight, Survivor is on, followed by the 2 hour special of The Apprentice. Boy, was it good this year!!! So, I have a night of tv, and probably an hour after that of reading my book in the bathtub. It's going to be a LONG day!!

Picture of the day: This is a picture of the party when the cottage was sold, and the neighbours came over for a few (MANY) drinks. This is a fully loaded Tom, with his bro. in law, Ken, (just as loaded) doing shooters. They had lost count of how many they had, they were just enjoying!! Look at Toms eyes...hahahhahaSaying of the day: You can always tell a real friend: when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job.


  1. Now that is a great story Linda! Must remember to call you Squirrel Lady sometime...I actually think they are very industrious little ants; you don't want either in your house but you have to admire them because they are busy all the time.

    Can picture you with a Davy Crockett hat...tehehehe

  2. Forgot to say, that was me..your dear sweet little Auntie I...running now before you throw something at me.


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