Tuesday, April 8, 2008



To My Sister On Her Birthday
You deserve some recognition
for the many things you do,
For your warmth and understanding
and for simply being you.

So, this comes to tell you
now that your birthday is here,
Of the love and admiration
that are felt for you all year

Because you're the kind of Sister
who's dear in every way,
You're being wished a wonderful
and very Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Sis

Yahooooo, it's Roxanne's Birthday

She loves to party and have a great time! Here she is doing both!

I hope someone bakes you a big cake and I wish I was there to celebrate with you.

I couldn't wish for a more wonderful sister and I love you!

I hope all your wishes come true when you blow out that candle and you are with all your friends who love you!!! Big kiss and hug from your big sister and brother in law Tom.

Picture of the Day! This is mom and Roxanne (Sorry Roxie, the writing of the year of your birthday was already on this picture.)

Thought of the Day: Sister to sister we will always be,A couple of nuts off the family tree.


  1. Man, it is hard to believe our little Roxanne is ....old! But the date is right there on that picture so I guess the whole world knows now.

    Beautifully done blog for her Linda and also yesterdays, and the day before...etc...I love all your pictures and your chats...next best thing to sitting with you over a cuppa coffee.

    Auntie I

  2. Awww thanks Linda! That was a nice Birthday treat! (you could have left out the party photo though!!!)

    Loved you and Tom singing to me this morning...yes...you both do have lovely voices in the morning. Had a good day...lots of visitors...(even my OLDER auntie Irene).

    Love you lots...and THANKS!
    Sammie xoxo


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