Monday, April 7, 2008



Where in the dickens does the time go?? The month, the weeks and the days fly by like the wind! Not to mention how fast the years are going as well. I seem to just wake up and before I know it, it's time for bed, and I've accomplished pretty well zip!

Actually, I'm feeling very ashamed of myself, knowing there are things to be done, walks to be had, the big pool over at the Senior Center waiting, friends to call, movies to see, books to read....lots of things to keep me busy, and I do keep busy, but like I said, nothing to show what I've done. I think sometimes, I miss the regimented life, of having a position to go to 5 days a week, and rushing around to get things done on lunch hours and after 4:30. And if you believe that, I have this lovely bridge to sell you! On the other hand, being very lazy, and doing things when and if I feel like it, has it's good points also. However, the less I do, the less I want to do!! I need a holiday!!! That's it....a nice long holiday, would fit the bill eh?

The thing about holidays though, kind of scare me now since the airlines have restricted the amount of luggage we can bring. I mean....1 lousy suitcase and 1 small carry-on!! What's with that!! They did allow 2 bags, 50 pounds each. I can fill a 50 pound bag in a minute. Tom says I'm the only person that brings along one suitcase full of shoes only! So, packing is a big problem for me. I can solve it though by packing VERY lightly for Tom and use up the rest of his poundage for me. So what if he has to wear the same undershorts a few times eh?

I'm sure getting the blog done early today. I made a batch of biscotti's for Tom, who say's he can't live without them!! Is he humoring me?? I sure don't know what he see's in then, they are dry old things, but okay, I suppose if you dunk them they arn't too bad! Then, I hung up some laundry, and now the sun is shining, so I MAY summon up some energy and go plant a hosta. Then again, the cat is sleeping in his bed and the dog is curled up in a little, white ball, fast asleep. Tom is on the computer, swearing at something, and the thought of reading my book sounds good too!

I'm listening to Classic Country on TV and have it nice and loud. I could sit here all day, listening and singing away to the tunes, which is really, what I am doing!! Man oh man, where does the time go??

Off I go...the guilt is getting to me! This little guy is suppose to give hugs, but he's not doing it. So, hugs to all of you anyway! Maybe he needs a holiday too!!

Picture of the day: I believe, if I have this right...this is TJ, our Maltese, and her two daughters They are Purebred, champion and the breed is called Munchkins

Thought to Ponder: My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?


  1. TJ and her girls are absolutely beautiful!!! I just gave my little girl a hair cut today. Now when I call her name she hides further under the couch. I guess I am not quite as quick as the groomer. She does that when I give her a bath as well. She seems to know the different sounds of the bath running for her or me and when it is her turn she hides.(that just might be her cunning way of getting a treat) Once she is in the tub she loves it though and she loves it when I blow dry her after the bath.

    You must have TJ at the groomers all the time, what with that beautiful white coat.

  2. Love the little pictures you have at the beginning of your blog every day! so cute. So is the photo of TJ and her babies. I didn't know she had pups! but she definitely is a little munchkin!
    You're right about time flying! Good heavens! I can't keep up!
    Love you,
    Sam xoxo


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