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Hello Friends..Me again!

I can hardly believe that I've been writing this blog since the beginning of January and haven't missed a day since. Everytime I begin to type, I have no idea on earth what I'm going to say today. Usually, I pick out from my saved graphics a little picture and just go from there. What amazes me, is that the counter keeps counting and I can't figure out why, but I'm glad that you readers are interested enough to click on my site each day and I thank you so much. This gives me something to do, and maybe even an outlet of some kind to either write, or just to keep in touch the only way I can.

The downside of writing this, is that nobody writes me anymore. I do have to write to some friends without computers soon, like Norma, Vernice and Clare. Maybe I'll get at that today.

Tom just came home from the chiropractors for his foot. He had his MRI and ultrasound on his leg and finally gets to see the specialist in June, so hopefully, we will find out what is the matter with it. However, being the trooper that he is, he keeps on going, even though it's painful to walk at times.
I'm heading to the skin specialist in another hour to find out about the huge big crater looking thing that had appeared near my nose, on my cheek. I suspect it's another cancer, and it makes me sick to think I may have to go through all that huge scarring surgery on my face again. However, we will all know before the afternoon is out and this blog is finished, what the outcome will be. I've always been one to wear skin screen since I was in my 20's-30's, but they say the damage is done early on, in childhood and who knew what damage the sun would do then!
So, will finish this later...


Well, it's now after 5 pm and getting close to dinner time. I have another melanoma and have an appointment with a plastic surgeon in May. I'm not too thrilled with this, as it means quite a chunk of my cheek is going to be searched for cancer, until they get it all, and then I'm left with another lovely scar!! However, being done by a plastic surgeon, it will be minimized as well as can be, but nevertheless, I'll be scarred even more. Remember, I had my nose done a year ago and the scar although not really visible unless you are looking for it, I do notice it, especially under certain light. He also gave me Aldarra, which I had to use on my forehead one other time. It's cream that is applied 3x week for 4 weeks and after you start using it, a week goes by, and all of a sudden your face comes up with all these hidden cancers laying under the skin that erupt into hideous blisters, then it all clears up and the skin is cancer free....for the time being. This time, I'm to use it on my complete face, so I'll be staying indoors during the day, for fear of scaring people to death! I start using it after the surgery on my cheek, so by June 28th and Meredith's wedding, then another friends wedding in July, I'll be quite a sight!

Today, he also froze some other little spots that came back on my forehead. I'm just blessed with VERY bad skin. But to look on the bright side....I'll live!!!

Then we got home and get a phone call that Tom's doctor wants to see him, as a result of his latest tests!! Gee, our appointment book is filling up!!!
On the bright side...I also got a lovely letter from my friend Vernice....snail mail!! Something we don't often get anymore but wonderful to receive.
Roxanne say's TJ is doing wonderful!!!

I'll close this off with a few pictures.

My uncle Jack having tea with TJ

The left: Aunt Colleen with this very popular dog! The right: Aunt Irene and TJ with the same smile!

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