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It must be Spring! This is the first cruise ship of this year, The Zaandam, which came from Hawaii, back to Vancouver. We watched it arrive this morning at 7am and the ship will return back to Hawaii at 5 pm today, on a 19 day cruise around the Hawaiian Islands, and then back to Vancouver. I've already checked if there is room for us on today's run, but they are are full up!! But, boy, could I be ready within a few hours!
We are heading into Vancouver in about 1/2 hour to meet one of the crew from the Zaandam (see yesterday's post) and I can't wait to see our man Lucky!
I'll take the camera with us and will take some pictures, so will put the post on hold until we return home.

much later in the day...

Well, it's now 5:20 pm and we are back from our trip into Vancouver. We met up with Lucky, our friend from the ship and from Thailand. He brought us a gift of their traditional clothing. A beautiful batik dress for me and a lovely gold patterned shirt for Tom. We will get all dress one day soon and put picture's on here. But we had a really nice visit with him, although very short. He makes up the rooms, so with disembarking this morning and embarking this afternoon, he's had been up most of the night gathering up the luggage, then making up the rooms. He won't be able to get to bed until after 11pm tonight, and as I type this, I looked out the window and the Zaandam is sailing past heading to Hawaii!!! Oh well...I had my turn in December!

We took the Water Taxi home and this is the view from the Taxi, looking at Stanley Park on the left and the Lions Gate to the North Shore.
Tom looking out a window onto a Vancouver Street. I think the cross street was Howe Street.

This is Canada Place and The Sails. We can see them from our bedroom window and the other side of this building is where the cruise ships arrive and depart from.
Our good friend Lucky
It's Dorothy's Birthday!!
Now you didn't think I'd forget about your day, did you Dot?
Dorothy is my cousin who lives in Owen Sound and from all the family, we wish you a very, very Happy Birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

We love you!!

Picture of the Day: The Vancouver Convention Center, near Canada Place. Quite a building!

Thought for the day! Linda's tired and still has to make dinner, so feel sorry for me right now!

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