Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I found this picture yesterday and just thought he was so cute! I had to put him on here today. I wish I had a cute caption for what he's thinking. Can any of you come up with a good one?
Nothing much to tell you about today, but it's only about 11 am.
Tom has gone to the eye doctor for a check-up, I'm doing this and watching "The View".
I have laundry going and plan shortly on going out to do windows.

later in the day

Well, it's supper time and it's cooking away as I do this. Still, there is nothing much to tell you about! Tom's eye is healing well and all is good there. Just the usual thing of folding clothes, and doing a bit of this and that, and before you know it, the day is almost over. The window's never got done though. It was too cold out on the deck and so I poo pooed that idea for another day.

I went for a walk to the store and was puffing coming up the inclines. There is a bit of a hill coming up to the our building, and when I'm carrying groceries, I puff!! Goes to show what losing weight would do for me, and not carry these extra pounds. Easy to say, hard to do!

My daughter Lisa called today and soon my youngest grandson will be taking a driving test and is learning on a stick shift, mini car. Makes driving a automatic a breeze! Way to go Brad!!

Well, supper is almost ready and I'm not a very interesting person today, so will make this one blog short! Do I still have readers out there?

Picture of the day: The end of an era and the loss of the cottage! The new owners had it burned down to be replaced by their new home. Sad, but life goes on!

Thought of the day:

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