Thursday, April 10, 2008


All the birthdays are over for awhile, so it's back to what's going on at the old home front.
The sun is out, it's lovely and warm and feels like summer.

I'm trying to think what I did yesterday to tell you about that was exciting, but if it was exciting, I can't remember what I did!! This getting old is really showing itself in just too many ways, that I don't like!

Ohhhh,, I remember. TJ is booked on a flight to Ontario next Thursday. We made the booking finally and after making it, the pit of my stomach fell out at letting her go. Our little Maltese is going to become my sisters little pet. The dog loves Roxanne and TJ will be quite happy, having a big backyard to go out whenever she likes. She can fit through the cat door and have all the freedom she wants, whenever the mood strikes her. We are happy that she's going to a wonderful home, and to someone that will play, love and pamper her. Goodness, she is spoiled now, I can't imagine what she will be like when I go home to visit next year. Roxanne loves to watch the Dog Whisperer on TV, and says she have all TJ's little idiosyncrasies worked out in no time. I sure wish her luck with that one!!
Batman will miss him though....for about a day or two anyway!!Then yesterday, a woman I ment during a walk to the Mall, who lives right across the road, invited me over for tea, so I made a new friend, which is great. So, I'll invite her back to my place and hopefully a new friendship will develop.
See, my memory comes back to me eventually in dribbles and drabs. I'm not a total loss!

Today, Patricia and I went to Lynn Valley and had lunch and browsed around the little mall there, and I had things in my cart, like a new red hat for the RED HAT SOCIETY, and was going to take it to Michael's store and dress it up, but I threw it back before I left and changed my mind.
Another store, I found another cute dish to match my cat bowls, and before we left, decided I didn't need that either, so I came back empty handed!
I can hardly believe myself.....empty handed....WOW!!!

Tom's gone to pick up our vehicle that was in for it's medical checkup for the season and we received a wedding invitation in the mail this morning, so that's about all that's newsy from here.

Toms grandaughter is soon due to have their first baby and of course there is a baby pool going on. I can't remember the date I picked, but I gave her 10 days over the due date. I'm not going to win the Survivor pool, so maybe I'll make a small fortune with guessing when a baby is due.
Which reminds me...I found two year old lotto tickets we never checked and we have about 5 days to check guess where I'm heading on the computer next? The lotto section!

If you hear a loud YAHOOOOO, you will know we won!!!

Picture of the Day: Heading over the Lion's Gate Bridge to the North Shore.

Thought of the day: When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking.

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