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Congratulations to Roxanne's New Business called
My little retired sister has taken on a new venture. She is making her own brand of candles and her first very successful showing was yesterday!
So here's a toast to your new business, and may it flourish and grow and bring in lots of money!!

A small sample of many kinds of candles....made by hand!!! There are other beautiful scents and designs. So, GO SAM GO!!!!

Well, today, we took some clothes to be altered (I don't sew) and then went to try out Tim Horton's new roast beef sandwich. It was good!! Not crazy about the hard bun though. Jeez, maybe I should get a cut from Tim's for advertising eh?

Then we drove to Deep Cove for a little drive to try out the GPS and listen to JILL,which is the voice we chose on the GPS to direct us. Tom wants to go the shorter route, and poor JILL has to say "Repositioning", until her poor throat must get sore, and it really sounds like she's getting tired of us two dummies. Every time she says "Repositioning", she sounds very put out with us. We asked her to go for coffee with us, but she never answered us back. Probably, glad to get rid of us for a few moments! We do have fun with it and see a different way then Tom would usually go.

We visited the little shopping area and bought some fresh croissants and some nice ham slices and/or a bit of seafood salad to put on the lightly toasted croissants for dinner tonight.Mmmmm good...delicious and easy dinner to make.
There is a big threat of avalanches in the mountains right now. They had lots of snow up at the ski level, and are warning people to be careful. I look at the pictures on TV and the lovely, gentle and some not so gentle slopes, and wish I had it in me to take up skiing again. It seems from what I see, that snowboards have taken over ski's. It's a common sight around here to see a teenagers toting around snowboards.

Right now Tom is pouring me FAT BASTARD wine. I'm feeling it!!

Then on TV, is just came on that my favourite store, Linens and Things are in bankruptcy!
Ohhh no, I love that store!!
I guess now that the weekend is here, everyone has something fun to sleeping in!

I'm going to a Murder Mystery tomorrow night and playing a part. So, if you don't hear from me for awhile, it means Clint Eastwood, had called to direct me in his next picture. I'll probably say no though because I wouldn't have time for my blog!


Picture of the Day: This is " MY SON"..well....step son, Martin, and what a cutie eh? And HIS son.

Ed on his wedding day. Then Tom! They look like pushing him towards marriage and a happy life, like theirs!! Right Martin, right Tom???.....time for more wine for Linda!!

Thought for the day: Here's to matrimony, the high sea for which no compass has yet been invented!


  1. Linens and Things is in bankruptcy??? I'm going there tomorrow!!! I love that store!!
    Wonder if they're having a closing sale?

    Thanks for the 'Chandelles57' wishes on your blog! It's really exciting starting a new business! Especially after only ever been teaching my whole life!! 35 years is a lot of knowing only how to do only ONE thing! This is a whole new venture...thanks for the promo!

    I loved Deep Cove!! I got to see it thanks to Bill and was a bit of a dull day there when we went but I bet it's a gorgeous spot in the sunshine and hot summer days. (Gee...maybe they'd sell my candles in that little spot where we had lunch?)lol....horrors...I'm beginning to have an entrepreneur mentality!!

    I'm so looking forward to having TJ here!!! I hope you're telling her she'll have no worries where she's going (except for 3 cats)...but I have the sneaking suspicion she's going to rule the roost around this household despite the numbers. Can't wait to pick her up at the airport!!

    Love you,
    Sam xoxo

  2. What a nice picture of our men, eh Linda!! :)

    Best of luck in your business Roxanne!!!

    You guys are going to miss TJ, but Roxanne can send you pictures and little stories of how she is. Where is the first trip you two are taking on Friday ;)

    The nice weather is here and it's good to get out and visit the tourist areas, eh.

    Keep up the great work with the blog, Linda!!!


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