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I think my favourite wild animal is a cat! Lions, with their majestic, proud, strong and gentle look. At least when they aren't showing their teeth! Tigers are wonderful too! After cats, I think it's polar bears or huge Grizzlies, with their powerful, huge and scary look! I wouldn't want to come across any of these animals in the wild, but I love to look at pictures of them .

The cabin that Tom built and just sold was near 100 Mile House in the Cariboo, the interior of British Columbia. The first night I spent there, I was a little nervous as we had brought our housecat, Batman with us as well as TJ. Batman had wandered off the porch during the day, but he stuck pretty close by, as I'm sure he could smell unfamiliar scents that may have ment 'danger' to him. That night, I went to get something I'd left in the car, and I opened the back door and there not far from me, was this animal. My first thought was it was a huge big, cat with big ears. I stepped off the back step and started to chase it away, and it turned and ran. Then I got thinking about what I had chased away and after describing it to Tom and looking on the internet for something that looked like that, I learned it was a Bobcat! Good Lord, thank you for it not attacking me! What a fool I was, but I was so use to chasing stray housecats out of my backyard when they came in search of Batman, that me trying to scare this fellow away was instinct.

Then one day, I'm looking through "OUR CANADA" magazine, and there was a picture, very much like the one above, taken near 100 Mile House!! Holy Mackeral Andy!!! These creatures were around where we lived!!! Now, not only did I have to look for bears, that were often around, but I had to keep my eyes in the trees branches for mountain lions or cougars and also the ground for snakes!!

Thankfully, I never did see the Bobcat again, and he probably didn't want to see this wild woman chasing him and bellowing in a loud voice either.

It's a rainy day in West Vancouver today and I had great intentions of getting the planters on the deck ready for some planting, but on a day like this, I just can't seem to sum up the energy to do anything. Good news though....those papers I was looking for yesterday....yahoooo, I found them!! Life is good again!! Now to wait for the outcome! Do I get money or do I pay the taxman?

Tomorrow is the HUGE big yard sale in the Arena. You have to get there early and wait in line for it to open and the line up waiting to get in, is long, but the treasures inside are fantastic!! Last year, I bought a wooden bench swing that is about 7 feet long. I had no idea how to get it home, but if I had to drag it all 7 or 8 blocks, I would have done it. However, I met up with one of our friends, John, and his son, who very kindly help me get it into the car, tie it down as best we could and I drove about 2 miles and hour to get home. Tom and I love it and we use it all the time in our ivory tower, glancing down as the world goes by, usually with a glass of wine and snuggled in each other's arms. I wonder what bargains await tomorrow!!! I have to make a trip to the bank first, before I join the line-up.....hint, hint Tom!

Betty Boop, where are you when I need you and your red truck? Betty is my yard sale friend from home and boy, did we find some bargains on Saturdays, bright and early eh! She's the only person that I know of that bought a truck, just for yard sales!! Her husband also would give her at Christmas a big jar of loonies to enjoy the hunt of bargains!!

Today we went to the Library for more books. I enjoyed "Confessions of a Shopaholic" It was really funny and light reading, so I picked up three more books of hers and more of her "confessions. I laughed out loud, reading it and it was nice to enjoy light reading after attempting and failing to enjoy "World Without End" It had just too many names to remember for this poor pea brain of mine.

Picture of the Day: We loved seeing the many deer sightings at Green Lake.

Thought of the day:

Few people know so clearly what they want. Most people can't even think what to hope for when they throw a penny in a fountain

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