Saturday, April 5, 2008


Tea Time!

Tea time! Kettle's on, so, come on in! Ohhh, how I miss those days when I had lots of friends drop in for a quick cuppa and a fun chat. My friend and old co-worker called this morning and I guess, it's gotten me thinking of life at home and the fun we's fun here too....but I do miss my family, neighbours, my girlfriends, and my male friends that dropped in for tea or coffee and good conversation.
However, I know if Norma dropped in, we'd be in the car and hitting the roads to go here and there!! Her husband always wondered how we could spend a day shopping for hours and not come home with a thing!! We looked, and he should have been very happy we didn't buy!!! However, it's a good thing he didn't often check out our trunk!

Woops, did we buy all that???

Today, I went to the big annual Seniors Center sale at the Arena. It's a HUGE sale and people wait in big line up's to get in. I waited an hour and was close to the front. It was cold, but the time passes quickly, chatting with this and that person. Everything donated is really good stuff, and ton's of it!! Everything you could possibly be looking for is there! However, getting close to the tables is a fact, nearly impossible! My big purchase was an electric knife for $4, and a spatula for .25 cents, and a angel food pan for .50 cents. I just don't have room for anything else and don't need anything, but it's in my female blood to be on the hunt for bargains!! Some things just stay with you forever!!

Then home to pick up Tom and show him my "treasures" and off for breakfast to a new place we've been in before and liked the atmosphere, so we went back to try breakfast, which was only a egg sandwich for their breakfast menu. But, it was good, filling and that was enough.

Today, we are in a vegetation state! Don't feel like doing anything. Tom is now reading the paper, and I have "old" country music on, which he hates and I'm waiting for him to ask me to change it, but then I have to listen to the "Memories" station and people way before my time....well almost!! Time if moving on and there isn't much on the music station BEFORE my time anymore.

I should be out potting plants, but it's cold out on the deck today. I need soil anyway! Good excuse! Well, this is getting pretty boring for readers, so I think I'll go lay on the bed, under my electric blanket and read. I hope you enjoy your Saturday too!!

Picture of the day: Wednesday of this past week, the cruise ships have started to arrive for the Summer. This is taken from our balcony

Thought for the day: Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things.

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