Friday, April 25, 2008


Hello on Friday! I hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend, and I hope you had a good week.

Today, I gave in to having bad hair days, and went for a perm. I always hate the way it looks so perfect when I come out of the hairdresser's shop and can't wait to get home and mess it up a bit and make it more like me. The messed look is me!

Then I met up with Tom who walked to the Library, and we settled in to watch a little talk show with two celebrities, Mike McCardle and Arthur Black, who are commentator's
on the local TV station as well as being authors of both humorous type books and stories of the unusual lives of people around the city. They were really interesting to listen to and they told some funny stories and it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Now we are watching Oprah and all the new type homes and gadgets they have on the market today. Wow, are there some wonderful things to be had, sadly by the rich and famous! Sure won't be in my lifetime!!
Oprah is putting her weight back on so it shows that not even those who can afford a cook to serve low cal and diet healthy food, can keep their weight off. Makes me feel good!! Because,I sure can't keep mine off!!

It's a beautiful day here in West Vancouver and the sun glistening on the water, looks spectacular.
Well, folks, speaking of fat..... I'm starving!! All we've had to eat today is a small dish of yogurt this morning, so I'm famished! Time to go make some dinner.
By the way....gas in Vancouver is $1.30 a Litre!! So, I think there will be some more walking going on around here!
Also, only one suitcase allowed on a airplane unless you want to pay an additional $25.00 for the second bag, and.....the they discovered a huge fault line for earthquakes running right through Vancouver! The economy is looking bleak and that's it!!! I'm going to stop watching the news!! It's depressing me!!!!!

I'm adding a cute little cartoon, that made me laugh, so hope it will you too!

Only those around my age and older will get this joke!!
Well, have a good weekend everyone.

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