Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Happy Birthday to my Grandson Brad! It seems this is the month for birthdays!!

We wish you all the happiness in the world Brad, and may all your birthdays be many and all full of fun times!

Brad came to Vancouver for a visit and here he is trying to make up his mind what to eat in an West Indian Restaurant. I think after reading the menu, we both ordered french fries!

Brad went horse back riding, and he's sitting here waiting for his horse to be saddled. It was a HOT day!
Okay horse, we are going to have a talk!!! No galloping fast, no bucking and don't throw me off!!!

Hey, this is a piece of cake!!! Giddy-up!!!

I was only 14 years old on the horse, now, I'm .......

NOOOOOO, it's not time to party YET!!!!!

Brad and James and Katie, have a band that plays really good tunes. Brad plays drums.

So, on your special day Brad, Tom and I wish you the greatest birthday ever!! Good luck with the year ahead, and come out again soon!

Remember this Brad!! It was soooo much fun that night as you tried to kill your old Grandmother, walking her through bushes, and telling me to take a step when there was no step there, and having me "ring the doorbell", when I was only pushing on a screw nail, while you were trying hard to keep from laughing!! What fun, what memories!!! I love you Sweetheart!!!!

Alway's have fun!! Alway's laugh, and Alway's remember I love you!

Sad News

Some sad news, just in this morning. Matt and Brad had to put down their beloved dog Sassy this morning. Sassy was old and suffered from arthritis and a very bad hip, plus he had a little accident this weekend that made the decision to put him down, a necessity. Not such a great birthday afterall Brad, but to everyone, we are so sorry! He was a great dog and had a great life with lots of love.

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