Friday, May 2, 2008


Lady in White

Don't you sometimes wonder who makes these wonderful pictures?

Well, I know who made this one! My Aunt Irene is quite an artist on the computer and has some wonderful stuff out there. If you'd like to have a look, here is her site.

Tom complained that the font I'm using is too small to read. (He just had cataracts removed, so can't understand the problem!) But wondering if anyone else finds it too small. This is the large print!
It's a dull day here in Vancouver and it seems everyone is complaining about the weather. It's cold and just not nice. Looking up at the mountains, you can see fresh snow. I hope warmer weather appears soon as this is darn depressing.
I walked over to the Mall this morning to meet Tom at his chiropractor appointment. It seemed strange not to be walking the dog, but without him, I could pop into Homesense and Michaels along the way. I bought a rabbit at Homesense for $4.00 that is really quite nice. It's the kind that should be on a cabinet top, but I just set it outside on the deck beside the planter, that I just planted with geraniums that we also bought when we were out.
Then we had a nice lunch from Whole Foods an we picked up a papaya to try. They have such different types of food that I've never even seen, let alone ever tried before, so Tom says, we should try something different every time we come. I got to the counter and when it was rung in, it came up $11.16!! For one little piece of fruit!! I declined it and decided we didn't need papaya after all! We knew the price of food was on the rise, but that's ridiculous!
I love that store though, and just browsing and looking at all the delicious looking things is fun.

So, that is about the extent of our day. The rest is just being homebody's and relaxing. I've got about 15 minutes of reading on my last book and will be starting another tonight. I hate when a good book ends.

So, have a great weekend everyone. Wish I was there at home to spend it with Norma and Clare and Betty and the rest of the gals. Would LOVE to spend it with my family!

Thought for the day!

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