Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday, May 3/08

Don Quixote de la Mancha

For some reason, I've always been fascinated by this character and once had a large beautiful painting done in shades of brown, in my house. I wonder what happened to it? Can't remember!

Have always intended on reading the translated version of Don Quixote and have picked it up many times and set it back on the shelf in the Library again. One day, I'll read it!

Not much to tell you about today, but we haven't done anything so far, except to play on the computer. It's just such a time waster and I know it, but it's very entertaining as well. We are heading up for a new supply of reading material shortly, so I'll tell you what exciting thing happens to us after we return. It's raining....what else is new??

You have likely already seen the symbol for the 2010 Olympic Games held here in Vancouver. They are calling for volunteers for everything under the sun, but it's mostly being held at Whistler and it's quite a mountain drive and I don't think I want to be travelling up there or be anywhere near the games when they start. Right in front of the television is fine for me. There sure is lots of preparation going on for the games and what an expensive under taking for those cities that host it. The people are having their taxes boosted quite high to pay for it all. New roads, new sky train routes, new$$$$$$$$


Back again and supper is over. We went to the Library, got a pile of books, then home and sat out on the deck where it was lovely and warm and sunny! It restore's my soul to sit outside, but have to be drenched in sun screen anymore and not sit with the sun on my face.

Lordy, Lordy, we forgot to wish our good friend Doug B., a Happy Birthday which was April 14th.

Doug is a wonderful man and was in the Fire Department with Tom. I tease Doug all the time, and he's just such a great sport. I think he's A+, and very handsome too!! He's also a dedicated reader of this blog. He know's better then not to be!!! He knows I'll quiz him on it! Poor Doug, probably wishes he never met me!! Ahhhh, we both love ya Douggie! A very happy belated birthday to you and may this next year be wonderful for you!

Picture of the day: The cleanup after the tear and burn down of the camp. Nothing left except the out house!!!

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