Saturday, May 31, 2008


Saturday and all is well!
This is going to be one of my short blogs today, as I just don't seem to have any energy today and my eyes are hurting. Just tired I suppose.
Tom and I decided our pans were just too worn out and the teflon coating was coming off and it just wasn't too healthy. We went over to this neat kitchen store over in Vancouver and bought two different size pans, and I've never had such expensive pans in my life!! I could have bought a whole set of the best pots and pans for what we paid for these ones! So, now, I can't blame the bad cooking on the pans, it must be the cook!
Before the pan place we stopped at the Tilly store and Tom bought a lovely vest with 8 pockets. Really nice. I bought a thief-proof purse, that will be handy for our traveling.
Then we stopped for our dinner at Sea Lovers and had fish and salad, and then home to put things away, feed the cat and now, I'm going to lay down for awhile. This getting old is a drag!! Somebody up and stole my energy. I wish it could be thief-proofed!
That's it for today! As Tom says.."back on the morrow".

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